Mass Effect 3 Demo Comic-Con 2011

Footage of Mass Effect 3 and Casey Hudson speaks.

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rabidpancakeburglar2554d ago

Looks like they've improved the movement and shooting from ME2. Looks awesome. What's up with his armour?

AKS2554d ago

Looks like tech armor. It was in Mass Effect 2.

rabidpancakeburglar2554d ago

Thanks, clearly it was something that I never used.

AKS2554d ago

It's exclusive to the Sentinel class. It's actually quite good. It lasts until you've taken enough damage to destroy it rather than for a limited span of time.

Maybe you could try a Sentinel run while we wait for Mass Effect 3? It's one of the better classes, especially if you're into using biotics and tech abilities. Choose the assault rifle as your extra weapon. I'd probably rate the Sentinel as my third favorite class after Infiltrator and Adept. I played through it with every class on Insanity.

turgore2554d ago

Looks like mass effect 2.5 . Ever since this series went multiplatform it turned into a generic third person shooter.

dangert122554d ago

its always been multiplatform or is the pc and xbox 360 one platform?

rabidpancakeburglar2554d ago

Apparently so. I'm wondering why he things it looks like mass effect 2.5 because honestly what massive changes could have been made? It the story that will make the difference.

StanLee2554d ago

It was a generic shooter from day one, masquerading as a mediocre RPG.

ThePhuq2554d ago

I know you're Trollin', but cmon. Mass Effect is the highest rated RPG series this generation. Lol