Infamous 2 Gets Free UGC Vehicles Pack and Search Function

SegmentNext - "Playstation Blog today updated with the details on the first of many UGC content packs but the article was instantly removed, not sure the reason but here are the details".

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waltyftm2436d ago

Free content is Good content.

Redempteur2435d ago

Finally ..

This is very good news because for some reason some missions felt the same . now i can create the "mad bomber the retunr" now with bombs under moving objects for a great race against time across the the city.

the idea was here but couldn't do it properly ..this give me the boost needed to complete it ..

sorceror1712433d ago

Yes! Vehicles were really limited in the beta, some things I wanted to do were flat impossible. Always nice to have a few extra tricks in the bag.