Bulletstorm Didn’t Make Money, But it Was Worth it.

Stephen Totilo: "Bulletstorm could hardly crack 300,000 units in its first month, according to a financial analyst. Someone from its publisher EA recently told me the game "under-performed." And Capps told me yesterday that it "didn't make money for us.""

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Inside_out2552d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

It's simple really...Epics demographic IS the 360...period. They could of made the game exclusive and included a Gears of war demo along with the beta code but NOooooo, they wanted it to fail...maybe they learned a lesson but I doubt it. I would love to complain about EA but the Advertising for the game was as good as any I've ever seen. The demo sucked donkey feet btw and was in no way indicative of the fantastic of my favorite this gen.

Another notch in the wall of fail was that they gimped the multi-player under some lame excuse that it wasn't possible...o_O...They gimped it to protect their bread and butter Gears of war franchise. A death match type of multi-player would of been great...maybe next time.

It would appear to me that Epic is on the outs with M$ these days. As has been reported and I said a long time ago, AMD will be the brains behind the next Xbox and with Epic pimping Nvidia with the Samaritan demo, it seems that they will NOT be the default engine for the 360 next gen.

Epic ( Cliff/Rein ) also went from wanting a new gen at the recent GDC to all of a sudden saying there is a lot left in this gen and the 360 inparticular...Hmmmm...Sounds like somebody order another game for X millions of dollars or somebody isn't as ready for the next gen as they had thought.

BrianG2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

EDIT: I see what you meant, added a Demo to go WITH the beta code. They could have already done that though. Nothing stopped Epic from including the Beta key. It was their decision not to include a Demo.

Also this is a People Can Fly/Epic game, not just Epic.

If it was only on 360 it would have sold less. That is me just using simple math and subtracting the number of PS3 units sold from the total.

Would it have been profitable without the PS3 development costs added to the production of the game? I don't know.

I do agree about the Demo though, didn't excite me much.

StanLee2551d ago

I enjoyed Bulletstorm but it didn't have the content to justify the $60 price tag. The campaign was short with marginally interesting characters, the multiplayer was one dimensional and got boring fast and Echo was basically replaying a bland campaign without the things that made it interesting.

gamingdroid2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Sounds like someone is trolling!


Porting is small fraction of the overall cost of development and marketing, so the answer is no.

It really was too bad, because I enjoyed the game. However, it really shows you why we don't get too many new IPs, the vast majority just barely sell. People buy sequels period, despite the complaints here.

edit @Dlacy13g:

There are plenty of great new IPs that don't sell well. The story is completely different with a new console launch when the market has a much more limited selection of games available. Both ME and Gears came out relatively early in the console life cycle.

Dlacy13g2551d ago

People buy great games. Gears of War 1 and Mass Effect 1 are proof of that.

Bulletstorm was good not great. When you considered what Bulletstorm offered overall you realized it could be a rental versus a buy.

mastiffchild2551d ago

Buletstorm was a poor game, end of discussion. I LOVE the original PCF Painkiller and Epic just don't suit them as paymasters-they lost all the style and wit of their own stuff and seemed led by the nose to Epicville by Cliffy when, thus time, it was a crap place for them to go. Epic should have allowed them their own head rather than pushing their characters into an all too familiar space marine shape.

I was lucky not to buy it as on the strength of the dev I normally would have but, instead, played it at a mates and was gad he paid and not me-not even the lack of content or online that did it either-just poorly thought out mechanics(seriously, it wanted you to have the enemies in groups but gave no way of GETTING them into groups for the skill kills and therefore the core mech of the game and the playing for high scores which allowed games like Vanquish to stay in my console were pointless here.

To me it was just a game that didn't support it's main idea that well and seemed a bit of an answer to Epic's Gears critics on the colour front as it looked like an acid fuelled pile of neon sick.

BakedGoods2545d ago

Just because you disagree with the guy doesn't mean he was trolling. He raised some good points.

I personally thought Bulletstorm was *meh*. I'm not surprised it didn't sell.

gamingdroid2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I didn't merely just disagree with him, but clearly he/she made a lot of inflammatory statements which begs the question, where you one of the 4 out of the almost 70 people that voted him/her?

BakedGoods2545d ago

The a high disagree-to-agree ratio doesn't automatically mean he's trolling. So I think it's unfair/inflammatory for you to call him one.

It's that kind of behavior that prevents different opinions from appearing on this site since someone (like yourself) will undoubtedly yell "TR0LL!!!11" if someone says something counter to mainstream opinion.

gamingdroid2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


It's just not against mainstream opinion that makes it trolling. I have plenty of opinions against the mainstream and can appreciate one that differs from mine, even though I disagree.

The point is that it is inflammatory and the way it is presented makes it a troll comment.

Let me help you:

"In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

Notice, INFLAMMATORY. Source:

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Dlacy13g2551d ago

@Inside_out... "It would appear to me that Epic is on the outs with M$ these days. As has been reported and I said a long time ago, AMD will be the brains behind the next Xbox and with Epic pimping Nvidia with the Samaritan demo, it seems that they will NOT be the default engine for the 360 next gen"

Only one flaw with your logic... AMD is behind the 360 graphics currently as well. Epic's engine runs on all different types of video cards on their PC games.

Also the change in tune from Epic probably was at the request from MS themselves. Having a developer on one of your biggest games saying we need the next gen soon could potentially be damaging to current sales of consoles. So I am sure MS asked them to cool the jets on that talk until next year or atleast until after holiday.

Epic and MS have a great relationship. After the failure of Bulletstorm on multiplatforms and the landfall success they will have with Gears you should and will see MS asking Epic to make future exclussives.

MrBeatdown2551d ago

I don't see how Bulletstorm's failure changes the relationship between MS and Epic.

Multiplatform games can sell well. Exclusives, even those published by MS, can sell poorly.

This likely has far more to do with Bulletstorm being a new IP launched in the most crowded genre and going up against Killzone 3, Crysis 2, and Homefront, all of which released within a month of Bulletstorm's release.

Gears didn't have an uphill battle like that, as the market was nowhere near as crowded as it is today.

lelo2551d ago

"Bulletstorm Didn’t Make Money, But it Was Worth it."

To bad... i really enjoyed the game. I was hopping for Bulletstorm 2.

gamingdroid2551d ago

Me too!

I guess we are few and far between....

NanoSoldier2551d ago

you're not alone. I love Bulletstorm

ABizzel12551d ago

Bulletstorm wasn't a great game. It's a good one, and fun to play, but it has huge problems. The story sucks, the characters suck except maybe Ishi, the dialog sucks, and it had no single player co-op.

The gameplay was good, but this goes to show that you need more than gameplay when selling a $60. The single player literally made me feel less intelligent than I am, because of how dumb the characters are, and how ignorant the dialog is. It's full of profanity, and belittlement that it takes any joy out of caring about the story. And not having co-op or competitive multiplayer murdered it's chances of convincing your friends to buy it.

That being said the gameplay is really good, and the multiplayer co-op that's there can be fun. But Bulletstorm only amounts to a rental, unless you really wanted to be in the Gears 3 beta, but with Gamestop giving them out there was no point in buying Bulletstorm at all.

Bulletstorm was an 8/10 at best, and to many that's being generous. It's not a bad game, just not worth $60, $40 maybe but even that's pushing it.

Adam21012551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

@insideOut .. i got it on the 360, but a 360 exclusive ?ok where will it take it ? it will still sell the same and probably less

fact is the game was overhyped and it was boring really .. i didnt like it much

EDIT: cant believe gamesradar gave it a 10! did they get paid or something ! pfff

Lazy_Sunday2551d ago

I don't think making it a third party game would have helped it--the game felt dated. You can't jump, and because there is no stealth to the killing, you can't use the "Rainbow 6" excuse--that was a huge let down for that game. Though it's a great co-op experience, it's not worth $60. I felt like the game wasn't accessible to our audience, either. Nobody really knew what it was, and it wasn't necessarily 'fun' unless you were under circumstance.
People vote with their dollar for games, and most people said they didn't want a game that lacked really basic elements of FPS gameplay, unrealistic violence, overused profanity that wasn't even that funny, and clunky controls. At best, the game was it's own downfall--it has nothing to do with multi-platform.

Spenok2550d ago

Umm... i bought this and Unreal for PS3 so who said their fanbase IS 360 again?

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vortis2551d ago

Bulletstorm looked like what Duke Nukem Forever should have been.

The vast divide between the two games is what caused a rift in the world of gaming.

They should have thrown Duke Nukem in there, some hot babes, a few lesbians, some mutant aliens who like hookers, and an explosive, talking cigar and the game would have hit a million...easy.

ABizzel12551d ago

I felt the exact same way playing the game. This should have been Duke Nukem.

C_Menz2551d ago

It may have been a good game, but theShooter genre is flooded presently and a lot of people are getting tired of them. There are so many "AAA" shooting games coming out every year(especially this year) that many won't buy them all and will just stick to 1-2.

I hope more of these games start to fail, it may suck for the developers but overall it will help create a more varied gaming experience since currently publishers just want to cash in on the CoD sensation.

DEA Fresh2551d ago

I think putting out the demo for Bullet Storm really killed it's sales. The commercials, online ads, and articles made the game look so good. Then I played the demo and realized it wasn't worth $60.

Definitely was over hyped by Cliffy B

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