Madden 12 Creative Director Talks NFL Lockout, Purchase-Worthy Features

VGW: Earlier today VGW’s Brian Shea and Scott Grill spoke with Mike Young, creative director for Madden NFL 12. During the 45 minute interview (Which will be posted in its entirety on Sunday’s episode of Unlimited Ammo), Young fielded some tough questions from us, ranging from the NFL Lockout’s effect on rosters to whether or not Madden is worthy of a yearly $60 purchase. Below are some excerpts from the conversation, beginning with what is on every football fan’s mind right now: a potential end to the NFL lockout and its impact on Madden NFL 12.

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SKUD2525d ago

They will add the lockout period as DLC for 20 dollars. Or 1 million MS points.

ThrazN72525d ago

NCAA football will always be a better series

showtimefolks2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

improve the franchise mode which they did still some missing features maybe next year

improve my player mode which they did hopefully it will be fun like mlb the show and nba 2k11 had a decent my player

i spend most of my time in franchise mode when i borrow from my friend and that's what they need to improve

like have a pre-draft show
after draft show to show the winners and looser
espn sports center or nfl live shows

difference between a regular game to a sunday night game to MNF

off season could use some work too

nfl 2k5 gave me the best experience last gen and that's the sad thing that 2k gave us the best nfl game on last gen consoles something EA hasn't been able to do with next gen tech


the difference between ncaa 2011 to ncaa 2012 are so minor its like same games with different names

and that's a matter of opinion to me nfl is more fun

ThrazN72525d ago

that's nothing dude I'm sorry.