Top 5 Most Overhyped Games of This Generation

CheatCC - The video game hype machine is prone to spectacular misfires. Whenever a publisher is marketing the heck out of a forthcoming title, and whenever the gaming press seems smitten with the Next Big Thing, just remember Daikatana, the 2000 FPS from Id Software alumnus John Romero that completely and utterly flopped. Or, remember these five games from the current generation.

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zeal0us2526d ago

w8 The Conduit was overhype?

surprise Duke Nukem isn't on the list

dedicatedtogamers2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

How in the world was Fable III not #1 on that list?

Ducky2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

... it was last because it was expected to not be all that great (given Molyneux's recent track record)

Fool me thrice...?

egidem2526d ago

They should've chosen the force unleashed 2 instead of the 1st one. the first one was okay, the 2nd one however was so overhyped with amazing CGI trailers. The end product?? Not at all. Repetitive and failed to impress at all.

32froshes2525d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with this. The first one was actually pretty good.

Eyeco2526d ago

KZ2, GT5, Duke Nukem, Halo ODST, RE5 , Black ops, ?????

BeOneWithTheGun2525d ago

I know I stand alone but I like RE5. Yes, it wasn't a horror game but if you go into it saying, "OK, here is a Third Person Action Adventure game that I can play with a buddy for some coop fun..." then it was OK.

Laypoof2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Here's the list:

5. Fable 3 - Totally agree. The first two were better
4. Homefront - Never even noticed the hype. Don't know why it's on the list...
3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - An above average game, never thought it was overhyped either...
2. Spore - Never played it, can't comment on it
1. The Conduit - Never played it, so I can't comment on it either, although it was slightly overhyped by the Wii fans

Now if you want a legit top 5 overhyped game list list, it would go something like this:

1. Call of Doody: Modern Warfare 2
2. Call of Doody: Modern Warfare 3 (It's not out yet, but I think at this point we all know how it's going to end up)
3. Call of Doody: Black Ops
4. Call of Doody: World at War
5. Brink

Ducky2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

You didn't notice Homefront's hype but you noticed Brink's?

I was expecting to see games like Haze and Lair and TooHuman...

egidem2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Good point. Unfortunately the author decided to make a top 5 list, a top 10 would've been better I would say.

A list like that is also bound to be synonymous with a list that read "top 10 most disappointing games of this generation"

BiggCMan2526d ago

Hmm, I think an even more legit list would be

Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Halo 3
L.A Noire

This is not to say either of these games are bad at all, but perhaps not deserving of all the hype and sales once gamers were able to play them.

kreate2526d ago

i agree with ur list except ... u should take modern warfare out and put final fantasy 13 instead.

ChozenWoan2526d ago

Just replace Black Ops and Modern Warfare with CoD games and then add in FF13 & FF13-2

omi25p2526d ago

halo 3 and grand theft auto IV are great games and deserved the hype. Especially halo 3

rabidpancakeburglar2526d ago

The force unleashed was a good game and I was so excited for the sequel (which I would say was more hyped) but never got it after the poor scores it got and the apparent lack of story or length.

d0r1en02526d ago

Brink was a big letdown for me as well. = /

LoaMcLoa2526d ago

Fuck that last comment ("If you want to play good third-party games: Look on PS3 or 360")

The Wii has great third-party games like Muramasa, No More Heroes and Madworld, and many more that I'll refrain from writing down.

Knushwood Butt2526d ago

I just got No More Heroes for my PS3 yesterday.

Madworld? I think you're lucky that's not on the list of overhyped games. OMGZ! A mature Wii title!! It's going to prove teh Wii is hardcorez!!!! Sound familiar?

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