Silent Hill HD Collection Comparison: PS2 vs PS3

Silent Hill HD Collection is coming to PS3 this autumn and those that are looking for the definitive way to experience two of the best PS2 games ever made in the purest form; this collection is the best way to do so.

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TXIDarkAvenger2552d ago

Its been so long since I played that game and I remember these parts in the pictures. :D

Can't wait for this collection.

thereapersson2551d ago

Wait, it says "two games", and only mentions the PS2. Are they not re-mastering Silent Hill 1?

solidsnake2222551d ago

No, they're not. It would be too hard to visually upgrade a PS1 game, they would be better off doing a remake in the future.

thereapersson2551d ago

I would love to see a remake of the first game, but I guess I'll have to wait :(

Wolfie2551d ago


there is a remake of SH1 called Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, good game :)

thereapersson2551d ago

Shattered memories was a "re-imagining", not a true remake. There were some different gameplay changes that didn't quite work very well, not to mention that I'm quite certain the PS2 version was a port of the Wii version.

I want a 100-percent faithful remaster of the first game, complete with the original soundtrack on the Blu-Ray.

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Holeran2552d ago

Looks fantastic. A huge visual upgrade.

ZeroX98762552d ago

nice upgrade!!! can`t wait to play these amazing games again.

Mr Tretton2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

hmmm, I think someone is just showing shots from the PC version. There is nothing official about that link or youtube video by random person.

I'm sure it will look similar to the PC version on PS3, just locked at 720p

CLOUD19832552d ago

hmmm I tho that the games will not improve visually but I guess I was wrong the HD version looks much better it's not just a 16:9 stretching now makes much more sense to buy and enjoy this amazing games once again on your PS3 and HD TV :)

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