Why We Make Video Games

Sometimes it can be easy to forget why we make video games. For all of those people who have forgotten, or lost sight of the reasons, this article is for you.

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death2smoochie2526d ago

"Why We Make Video Games"

For the money?????

Ulf2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Actually, the video game business is far from being overly profitable. Game Developers are often slated as being paid far too little for the amount of effort they put in, and Publishers don't appear to be the darlings of Wall Street, either.

The only industry that makes a lot of money off gaming is retail (i.e. GameStop, Walmart, etc.), which is why the Publishers are always trying to find new ways to change the way games business is done -- DLC, direct-download gaming, etc.

jacksheen00002526d ago

We need Video Games because it a teaching tool in a virtual world environment.That said, I know Most of us who have played FPS don't really know what its like to be on a battle field.That being said, Video Games is the next best thing to giving us the reality perspective of things as well as the experience to know what it like to be in the military.
On a sci-fi perspective, what would most us do if aliens invade are planet?And what if we were enslaved by the Russian? what would you do? I Think most us already know the answer to that question we have already experienced it in a 3D virtual world environment. On another note, games has done a great deal in are society...the crime rate is down because of video games and its a great stress reliever, more just to name to list a few. The last thing I'd like to say is that Video is the way of life and I thing it's going to be around forever as long as we gamers are still here.