Gamer Euphoria: Brink Review (Xbox360/PS3)

The trend of video game developers lowering the quality of their games single player experience in order to focus on multiplayer is a hot topic for modern day gamers.

Brink adds something to the debate as it attempts to seamless blend multiplayer with single player while bringing a new gameplay element to online shooters. Brink is set in the future in world where Humanity has been forced by rising sea levels to take refuge on a floating city known as The Ark. Over time divisions arisen within the population and the poor population have become disgruntled by their surrodings and seek to break into the outside world. This would result in the Ark losing the majority of its work force and thus Authorities wish to scupper their escape plans leading to a standoff between ‘’The Security’’ and the poverty stricken ’’Resistance’’. From here the player must select a faction and their appearance and their default weapon and class layout which expands while playing through the game.

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