Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition pictured

IW community man Robert Bowling has tweeted an image of the Hardened Edition of MW3. More details are promised for the COD XP event.

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FAGOL2499d ago

I doubt they will have anything good this time. With black ops at least we got the zombie maps.

And anyone who buys the prestige editions are fools. Nightvison goggles and a RC car for £100.

solidsnake2222499d ago

MW2 gave us CoD Classic, that wasn't a bad bonus.

sickbird2499d ago

just actually picked that up at best buy for $10 haha i think bestbuy marked it wrong.

FAGOL2499d ago

Yh I took that off a friend who got the hardened edition. It was ok, I even platinumed it. But it would be nice if they gave something that's fresh.

xGet_In_There2499d ago


I just saw the Prestige Edition of BO on the outlet center of Best Buys website for $14.99. I actually wanted to pick it up but they don't ship that item. Haveto find a store that still has one.

solidsnake2222499d ago

Nope, I believe $9.99 is the PS Store price for Classic as well.

Motorola2499d ago

I think he means the hardened edition?

solidsnake2222499d ago

I considered that, but I highly doubt it.

stormskiier2499d ago

put in CoD 4/Mw2 multiplayer maps and im sold

FalconR2892499d ago

And it has to be all maps from both games including the dlc maps.