Rumor: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Could Finally Feature Mega Man as a DLC Character

Rumours coming out of this years San Diego Comic Con are apparently hinting at the presence of Megaman as a downloadable content character for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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blitz0x2434d ago

After the craziness of yesterday, it would sure be nice if this was true

Etseix2433d ago

"as a dlc character" why not just "As an unlockeablle character"
sigh* stupid Cashcom.

colonel1792433d ago

Sadly, starting this gen, "unlock able character" (or any stuff) doesn't exist anymore. You want something extra, you have to pay for it. Forget about rewarding players for finishing the game, or being good at them.

ChrisGTR12433d ago

LOL! yea right as dlc. you mean hes going to be a new character in super ultra mvc 3

agentxk2434d ago

I am all for a Mega Man, Zero and X-23 team

Cal6642434d ago

This would defiantly save some face and keep fans happy for now anyway.

blitz0x2434d ago

I hear fans are getting a bit punchy.

dericb112434d ago

So make people repurchase the game and then turn around and say "Hey guys, we got more stuff we left off the re-release of a 8 month old game.

Capcom does this I think they may lose the fan base forever.

Cal6642433d ago

It's just starting to look like they are trying to save face in the whole mess. Perhaps in a few months they'll make a u-turn on the Megaman games but who knows we'll have to wait.

Pikajew2433d ago

And it will cost 20$
They will say if you really want him than pay for it

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The story is too old to be commented.