You Should be Playing The Ur-Quan Masters

[Brock from GoozerNation] The Ur-Quan Masters is the shareware version of PC game Star Control II. Despite being nearly 20 years old, it is extremely enjoyable and available for free on just about anything with a screen.

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NexGen2556d ago

This game is literally in my top three games of all time list. I used to play it on my old 386pc. Maybe I remember it with fond nostalgia, but this game was top notch.

brockst4r2556d ago

Yeah, it's basically amazing. I really think it holds up today. The ship graphics are decent and the conversation animations are top notch.

Godmars2902556d ago

Why are th PSP and Wii listed? is this playable through mod/emulation on them?

brockst4r2556d ago

Yeah, there's a link in the article and it's available for a bunch of systems. There's a really good mod community for it.