Soon Video Games Will No Longer Cost $60 Says EA

Gaming Blend "As the medium of distribution alters and prices vary based on content, one of the frontrunners of publishing multiplatform, big-budget software titles is saying that $60 just isn't financially sustainable for the average the long run."

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BeastlyRig2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Great! Console games might be $50 & PC $40! & Free 2 Play PC game will be -$10

@TheBeast If MW3 was $70 it would only sell on consoles that for sure..

Heartnet2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

......and PC..

EYEamNUMBER12555d ago

lower the prices? pffft yeah right
everyone is asking for ALLOT more power from ps4/720 that would just raise costs and raising costs will raise prices

if anything 70 dollar games are very likely

Arnon2554d ago

I said the exact same thing in another article and received disagrees.

solar2555d ago

$59.95 games here we come!!

DeadlyFire2554d ago

They are talking about Origin. Soon we will have STEAM like cheap priced games. Believe it when I see it EA.

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TheBeast2555d ago

Soon...70 bucks! Horray?

Darkfiber2555d ago

They already cost $70 here, even though the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American right now...they jacked up the price when it was worth less, but for some reason "forgot" to lower it again once it went back up. Joy.

Blacktric2555d ago

If you read the article just for this once before commenting, you'd know that he's talking about "lowering" the prices not making them higher. They're searching for a viable global alternative to the disc (which will most likely be Digital Distribution once they sort out the legal issues with certain countries) based media and once that happens, they'll lower the prices since most customers aren't ready to pay 60 dollars for a game.

STK0262555d ago

To be fair, he's simply saying that customers are not willing to pay 60$ up front for a game, which to me, considering he's from EA, likely means selling you a disc for 40-50$, then telling you 25% of the game's content was removed from the disc, ask you 30-20$ for the content as DLC.

RememberThe3572555d ago

Haha I seem to always say this in these stories but when I was taking economics a few years back there was a study that showed cost demand curve of videogame prices. It showed how that maximum revenue (at the time) could be found at 50-60 US dollars. When the price was dropped the increased sales didn't cover the loss in revenue from the reduced price and when it was raised the loss in demand didn't cover the loss in revenue from less produced being sold.

There is also the DLC factor which might be the angle EA is coming from. If they reduce the price of games and more people buy them they have more consumers to potentially sell DLC to. That could cover the lost revenue and would most likely boost it.

It'll be interesting to see what publishers choose to do.

DrFUD2555d ago

I think they've been saying this for 2 years now.
At least one year I'm sure.
Still 60

vortis2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Major releases will probably always sell for $60 or higher...

I think in terms of lower quality games, they'll probably sell for a lot less.

I still can't believe people paid $60 for that awful 360 game Shadowrun. That was straight-up thievery on Microsoft's part.


Yeah but Lair was at least visually mesmerizing and Haze, well you got me with Haze.

FordGTGuy2555d ago

People paid $60 for Haze and Lair too.........

BeaArthur2555d ago

Are they going to be cheaper since they are all going to be digital and you no longer have the "used game" excuse to hide behind.

kreate2555d ago

it might be slightly cheaper upfront. but more expensive for consumers on the long run. i mean .. can i get it for 10 bucks after 2 years of release?

Ducky2555d ago

... That's weird, because I coulda sworn EA was one of the few publishers that charges $60 for a PC copy you buy directly from their digital store, while a retailer sells it for $50.

BlackKnight2555d ago

THANK YOU, so fucking irritating that they do that on PC, they even do it on consoles on games that have digital releases.

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