10 minutes of new Resistance 3 footage

Check out some new footage of Resistance 3.

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ABizzel12524d ago

People are really hyped for BF3 and MW3, but R3 looks like it may be the best FPS this year at least from a Single Player perspective. My most anticipated FPS this year.

beavis4play2522d ago

no hype from me for BF3 and MW3....not getting them.
resistance3 looks great. LOVE the atomizer!

thereapersson2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

As a long-time PlayStation gamer, it was a hell of a fun time growing up with Insomniac on PlayStation platforms. But, things change; we're not in the days where it made more sense for more developers to stay platform-exclusive. Thus, I don't hate Insomniac for going multiplatform. Sony consoles have given them great success in regards to development freedom, marketing and also sales. I think that it's good that Insomniac is maintaining exclusivity with Resistance, but I also view the multiplatform transition as a new chapter in the life of one of my favorite companies.

I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with future IP's. Who knows, they might even come back and do another exclusive game some time down the road. At least they know the PS3 hardware, so whatever multiplat they make, it will certainly shine on every system.

starchild2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Graphics look way improved over the previous games. Bravo, Insomniac! More importantly, it looks like a lot of fun to play.

ps3bestever2524d ago

shiiiit, best looking fps game on consoles !

HeavenlySnipes2524d ago

But I can agree that it has one of the best FPS campaigns. Maybe Halo is the only competition. I don't remember any campaign from any other FPS out other than Resistance 1/2 and Halo 1-3

xtremegamerage2524d ago

OMFG, that looks better then RE1&2 by miles, just became my most wanted game on 2011.

HannibalBarca2524d ago

What does Resident Evil have to do with this? :p

i_like_ff72524d ago

I really don't understand why people think killzone looks better than resistance. This looks so much better graphically and artistically.

ABizzel12524d ago

Killzone looked much better than Resistance 1 & 2, but R3 is every bit as impressive as either Killzone game.

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