Diablo Lore Book Coming Out Alongside Diablo III Release

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "While Blizzard still hasn't offered up a release date for Diablo III they have at least let out a little info about the series. During their Comic-Con panel (which encompassed Starcraft and Warcraft primarily) Blizzard's senior VP, Chris Metzen, spoke about a Diablo compendium. The book isn't going to be a dry synopsis of the world and characters either. The book is going to take the form of Deckard Cain's journal. Cain is an important NPC in both Diablo I and II who is a knowledgeable elder in the world. Players could come to Cain to identify basically any item. It seems Cain's expansive knowledge is a perfect fit for a book all about the Diablo franchise."

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SuperSaiyan42556d ago

confused a year ago they had actual ingame footage of a level being played and the game has been in development for quite a while. So if they had a playable level that was complete without any issues or anything why is the game still not coming out and no release date??

Solid_Dave2555d ago

Blizzard is like that with all of their games. After the game is ready to go, they go back and polish every thing from the textures of a characters eyeball, to the animations of a flower. They polish EVERYTHING. But that's why Blizzard always makes great games. :)

Bolts2555d ago

It doesn't take a decade to polish Diablo 3 which is roughly how long it took them develop this game. The gameplay here isn't terribly complex folks. You click on things to make them die, and maybe press a few number keys to active some skills or drink yummy potions. Maybe there are few gameplay tweaks to be made here and there, but testing internally forever isn't to solve that problem. Get on with the god damn beta already before your fanbase starts collecting their social security checks.