Mysterious Halo teaser

A mysterious teaser has been captured at Comic-Con for something related to Halo.

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Gray-Fox-Type02406d ago

thats pretty cool secret to find :) additional visual story to see.

tigertron2407d ago

Apparently its a trailer about the terminals they put in Halo CEA that will give you plot details for Halo 4.

Drjft2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )


It's something they showed the press at E3 2011 but was embargoed.

Halo CE Anniversary will have terminals throughout the levels but they're very much in-depth and involving.

They will tell more of the game through cut scenes and if you find all of them it will tell you a bit about the story in Halo 4.

I wrote this about it on RipTen:

"Terminals from Halo 3 are making a return, and its been promised that if you find them all in Anniversary, well, you’ll find out some of the story in Halo 4."

We weren't allowed to talk about anything else.

That's why the terminal is talking about finding the story etc.

wwm0nkey2407d ago

Its for the Halo CEA terminals....and it looks amazing!

supersonicjerry2407d ago

its halo for ps3 just playing just playing lol don't try and bash me for this it was joke lol

SuperSaiyan42406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Nice one supersonicjerry :-D

The trailer almost comes across as perhaps having a game seperatly like Guilty sparks own mini game or something but you other guys are probably right just thought i'd throw my bit in there :-)

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