How Modern Warfare 3 Incorporates Your Feedback

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling says keeping Modern Warfare 3's wide array of fans happy is a big creative challenge. In an interview with Eurogamer, the developer's creative strategist talked about how the company is listening to feedback from the Call of Duty's vast fan-base. "I want to make sure our fans are informed and know what Modern Warfare is so they can give us informed feedback.

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CaptCalvin2555d ago

It's a vast fan base. Don't know about the "wide array"

KarrBOMB2548d ago

Here's some feedback Mr. Bowling...

Infinity ward claims to follow more of the Authentic style gameplay. I think it's obvious most FPS players prefer that medium to other options. So don't make perks that allow the players to run around at 50 F'n MPH. Also, how about having killstreaks not stack.

Set it up like BlackOps has it. Otherwise you get a match with 3 Harriers, 2 Chopper gunners, 4 AC-130's, An aircraft carrier, 3 suicide bombers and a trained attack hampster all on the map at 1 time. Instead of shooting at the other team, you end up dodging vehicle gunfire a knife lungers the entire time.