Street Fighter vs Tekken – Battle of the producers, who will win?

The Tekken and Street Fighter series have always had a pretty fierce rivalry in the past, and next year the two giants of the beat-em-up genre will finally combine and go head-to-head in Street Fighter X Tekken (that’s pronounced Street Fighter Cross Tekken, they get very angry if you say X).

But we’ve still got a little while to go before we can work out the outcome on our own, so until then franchise heads Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada have strapped on their fighting gear at ComicCon 2011 in San Diego to once and for all settle which of the titles is the best…. and of course, who can do the most press-ups, eat the most hot dogs, drink the most Coca Cola and win at arm wrestling.

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zeal0us2550d ago

All I want to see is...
Akuma or Shin Akuma vs Kazuya or Devil Kazuya

josephayal2550d ago

who Cares, i want BLANKA

Cereal2550d ago

No need for Blanka when you have Cole McGrath...Though they would make a good team.