The Enemy Within: How DLC Entered Like a Needle and Spread Like an Oak Tree

Though the reasonable could be astounded at the persistence of this discussion, the assorted voices of the internet still question what will happen at the fruition and flowering of the trends set by early downloadable content. Ragged men cry that games will come to retail half finished, their missing elements available as discreet offerings, the complete product held hostage to further purchases. This question and these predictions seem somewhat quaint in the year 2011; Oblivion’s horse armor was five years ago, and the microtransaction era offers its own peril to the consumer. The modern equivalent of horse armor has grown in scale, with the outrage over monocles in EVE Online representing the torn-from-the-headlines modern equivalent, but the fundamental complaint is the same regarding this type of downloadable: I don’t have to buy it, but I want it and don’t want to pay that much money.

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