Gamespot Hands-On Preview: NBA 2K12

Gamespot's first hands-on preview with NBA 2K12 gameplay. "Presentation and ball physics highlight our most recent experience with the upcoming basketball title."

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KNero2436d ago

Live ball physics, Animations, Broadcast... all is good, but what about online?!

Blaze9292436d ago

that's something they need to really focus on. 2K's online has always been pretty rough for me in terms of just getting it to work.

But I haven't bought a sports game in so long that I don't even think I care anymore.

HeavenlySnipes2436d ago

they focus on the physics. I HATED the pre-made animations in 2k11. You'd go up for a dunk then change animation in midair so that you can get blocked. I'd rather then work to make a physics engine for collisions and blocking so that the game play will feel non-scripted (ie D Wade and LBJ won't automatically dunk on everyone or do layups where you can't control the defender because they are part of an animation)

DaReapa2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I agree a thousand percent. If the animation issues haven't been addressed this year, then this will mark the first since its PS2 debut that I will not purchase an NBA 2K game. The last three games have been abysmal in that area.

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bunfighterii2436d ago

online sucks in all 2k games. try playing it in Australia- there are no local servers, the lag is so bad its unplayable.

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RBdrift2436d ago

I wonder if they"ll finally catch up to last years mlb the Show.

lazertroy2436d ago

MLB The Show is a PS3 Exclusive So No.

beast242tru2436d ago

Any NBA from 2k sports visual conepts is leaps and bounds over anything from e.a

Outsider-G2436d ago

Got it pre-ordered. Looking forward to it.

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