13 Minute Battlefield 3 Gameplay

A brand new video has been released showing off the alpha version of Battlefield 3, as you know the game is not fully completed however everything seems to be going well.

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venom062550d ago


RedDead2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

BC2 with prone is what I saw in this vid. Even the same alarm sounds for the Bombs going off

haha Alpha test is Alpha test

BattleAxe2550d ago

If there was a park level like this in BC2, this is what it would have looked like. BC2 is definitely a great looking game, and I personally think that the difference will be marginal for the multiplayer, but the single player looks like the most photo realistic thing I've ever seen. This park level also reminds me a bit of Crysis 2.

peowpeow2550d ago

That, I am reminded of Crysis 2 with BC2 gameplay..DICE should test their servers with Jets and Heli's and all the destruction in a big map :) (what map[s] are available in the beta?)

zeddy2550d ago

if ya'll think this is the best looking and sounding shooter out there then you've obviously never player killzone 2. killzone 3 was alright looking but kz2 was more consistant all the way through. gunplay is however is a diffrent matter.

HeavenlySnipes2550d ago

this is low settings on PC probably so I can't imagine how good the finished console version look, but the gun sounds in BF are better IMO.

starchild2550d ago

I agree with you that Killzone 2 was more consistent and looked better than Killzone 3 in some ways, but you are bat-shit crazy if you think either Killzone looks as good as Battlefield 3. It isn't even close; Battlefield 3 is on a whole new level.

Raf1k12550d ago

BF3 has pretty authentic gun sounds but to compare sounds between a game set in the future and one with a modern setting is just silly.

lil Titan2550d ago

is there a level with fire? and if so does it hurt you this time its stupid in BC2 people get to stand in fire

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Tripl3seis2550d ago

the sound of the guns are just awesome and the gameplay aswell cant wait!!!!!!

d0r1en02550d ago

Looks good. If it looks anything like this on 360 i'll be pleased as i dont game on a pc. also, loving the addition of going prone, and dont have to worry about getting knifed unless my enemy has his knife out. woot. cant wait.

CaptCalvin2550d ago

Prone is not an addition. It's a resurrection.

Northtouch2550d ago

I think its safe to say that once this is inserted into my PS3, it will never leave.

My PS3 will have sex with this game.

vandal GAB2550d ago

and you will be left disappointed when your ps3 cannot swallow bf3's greatness

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