Sony breaking alliance with IBM and Toshiba for CELL development?

Sony Corp, the world's second-largest consumer electronics maker, plans to withdraw from its basic research project with IBM Corp and Toshiba Corp to develop manufacturing technologies for next-generation semiconductor chips, the Nikkei reported on Wednesday.

The move follows the company's decision to sell Toshiba its production facility for the Cell microprocessor, used in the PlayStation 3 video game console, the business daily said.

Under the project, the three companies are researching and developing materials and technologies necessary for the manufacture of chips with line widths of 32 nanometers or narrower.

This project began in late 2005 and is scheduled to run until the end of 2010, the report said.

In addition, Sony plans to cancel capital investments in production facilities for the 45 nanometer or later generations of the Cell microprocessor, it said.

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HarryEtTubMan4060d ago

You're funny. And desperate.

BloodySinner4060d ago

Says the fool with one bubble.

mirroredderorrim4060d ago

Says the person with no stock options.

Bladestar4060d ago

Currently Sony have all their eggs in one basket... blu-ray...
They don't have the resources to continue "researching and developing materials and technologies necessary for the manufacture of chips with line widths of 32 nanometers or narrower." at least for now...

ActionBastard4060d ago

It's reporting on the impending end of a joint project that is scheduled to end in 2010. And? It has nothing to do with the eggs in one basket there Sport.

bloodzombie774060d ago

I love how whenever something that can misconstrued as "the end for Sony", Bladestar shows up, funny, though, that theMART and SDS overfiend have been AWOL as of late.

Bladestar4060d ago

Even DJ agree with me... look at his comment... guys.. it's ok from time to time to admit that Sony may not have a farm of trees that grow money and they may not have the money to burn on research if it cost them less to license later...

season0074060d ago

because it does not help for them at least for now....
PS3 (the main prodcut features Cell) is not facing RROD like Xbox does and a smaller nm chip simply means lowering a bit of heat and power consumption and nothing else


the cell will continue, this is of no concern

Shaka2K64060d ago

LOL gotta love the anti-Sony guys.

So whos 1st?

Mr Marbles4060d ago

The largest is Samsung, google it. No one is trying to bash your precious sony.

bootsielon4060d ago

You mean Matsushita, don't you? ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.