Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Air Beta Released

Due to all the hard work Valve fans did a few weeks ago, they were able to unlock the Left 4 Dead 2:Dead Air DLC early.

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BeastlyRig2469d ago

:D whoever disagreed with you must own the unsupported 360 version..

kevnb2469d ago

Left 4 dead on 360 is just wrong.

tickticktick2469d ago

At least it's on the 360, can't say the same for PS3.

Active Reload2469d ago

Unsupported? This will be coming out on the 360 also. This scenario isn't like the PC version of Gears, lol xD

caboose322469d ago

@Active Reload

Have fun paying $10 for it.

Active Reload2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

I'm not a pc gamer, so what Valve does, doesn't affect me that much. I just commented to see what thoughts people had of this beta and I address someone's comment. I bought the Orange Box when it came out because it was a great value, bur I haven't bought or played a game by Valve since. Sorry if my comment offended you, lol.

caboose322469d ago

It's all good man.

But it actually really does suck that Gears was abandoned as a pc franchise too. Could of been great on the platform. But oh well, still have my xbox for it.

BubbleSniper2469d ago

who ever disagreed probably didn't even complete the campaign needed to urge Valve to release this early, let alone pay extra for free, awesome Valve content that we're CURRENTLY TESTING on Steam.

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