Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Team Specials

Saiyan Island: The world famous San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has opened it’s doors to the public, and Naruto fans have the opportunity to enjoy the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations demo! From the footage we have seen, it looks like the exact same as the one at the Japan Expo, where the only playable characters are Sasuke, Raikage, pre-timeskip, and timeskip Naruto. You may have already seen this, but one thing we don’t recall any footage of from Japan Expo are of the team specials.

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tayz2404d ago

Team specials are the same!?! noooo! they always kill me with those!

Sinterfire2403d ago

Haha that's why I started playing single. I hope they add a single ranked option. I can't wait to play this game.

Simon_Brezhnev2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I have no idea why they have Raikage so damn slow. He should be the the top 3 fastest in the game. Leaving everybody behind except 4th Hokage and i wont spoil it for people who dont read the manga.


Your right he should and i have no idea why they made Killer Bee so garbage in NUS2. Hell Raikage should be almost invisible with his lightening armor and speed. I bet thats going to be his awakening.

tayz2403d ago

he sould have the same thing as minato. where you can teleport behind the character lol id dig it

OdinX2403d ago

Wow, it's Susano. Fail on his

thugbob2403d ago

I would like an open world Naruto rpg and Dragon Ball Z rpg please.

consolez_FTW2403d ago

yeah man, any open world anime RPG would be very welcome! Plus imagine if there was anime character customization! a man can dream...

NoOoB1012403d ago

Well the new DBZ game has a new character customization in open world though..half way there though =D

denero12403d ago

we would all like a open world dbz or naruto game but yet somehow the creators have not figured this out yet -_-

Simon_Brezhnev2403d ago

I say CyberConnect2 do a collab with Yakuza 4 team. CC2 graphics with Yakuza 4 open world.