Thoughts On The Portable Landscape

In my history as a gamer, I’ve always felt the need to buy almost every console and portable on day one. Sometimes this works out -- I had a blast playing SSX and Timesplitters when I bought my PS2, Call of Duty 2 with Xbox 360, or Twilight Princess with Wii. There’s usually at least a game or two at launch that keeps me busy until some other quality titles come along in the following couple of months. However, my history with portables isn’t quite as positive as my experiences with consoles.

I learned to love my DS once great titles like New Super Mario Bros. and Professor Layton came out, but the first year or so wasn’t generous in the way of quality games. I played Twisted Metal: Head-On for a couple of weeks after buying my PSP, but very few games in the system’s lifespan held my attention after that (the main exceptions being Lumines and the God of War titles).

Part of my issue with portables is one many gamers face - I don’t travel an insane amount, I don’t want to carry the system around with me everywhere, and I don’t want to sit on my couch and play a portable while I have a 360 and PS3 ready to go in the same room.

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Dwalls11712550d ago

vita seems like the most interesting portable gaming system...3ds is cool but it should be 150.00 not 250.00 .....iphone shouldent even be in the convo....its a PHONE ..WITH MINI GAMES...not a console

Rush2550d ago

typical N4G BS written by ignorant children who don't even own or have perhaps never used an Iphone.

1) There's a ton's of full experience games released on the Iphone some improved ports of handheld games.

2) the Iphone often has the definitive version of some PSP games, like Final Fantasy Tactics being released this month or Crimson Gem Sega with a bigger resolution, faster load times and no slow downs compared to the PSP version.

3) There are more 40 hour experience Iphone games that I could even list there are simply that many, HOW THE FUCK DOES THE IPHONE ONLY HAVE MINI GAMES!!!!!!!

dedicatedtogamers2550d ago

I find it odd (and all too typical) that the author says "It's cool to play old console games on the 3DS like Ocarina, SF4, and Starfox. It's slow now, but just wait for games like Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, and Luigi's Mansion!"

And then on the next page, when talking about the PS Vita the author says "Gee, I hope they don't put a whole bunch of console games on this thing".

The double standard here is rich.

byeGollum2550d ago

I think you misunderstood. For example every multiplatform release on PS Vita is what he/she means.

Since the Vita is that "powerful" they'll just be exact same games as the Home console version.

I'd like to see Vita exclusive games taking advantage of hardware features, you get me?

dedicatedtogamers2550d ago

How am I misunderstanding?

The author is praising ports and re-releases of old games on the 3DS, but then he's worried that the PS Vita will have a lot of ports. What is there to misunderstand? It's an obvious double standard. The only reason why it gets a pass is because - for some reason - Nintendo is allowed to re-release the same exact game ad infinatum without any negative press