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GameZone's Mike Splechta reviews Bastion, the action RPG full of puzzles that was just released for Xbox Live Arcarde as part of its Xbox Live Summer of Arcade promotion. He is blown away by the game's creativity, gameplay, puzzles, and narration.

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TheSanchezDavid2468d ago

This looks awesome. I really dig the visual style. RPG gameplay looks solid, too.

cliffbo2468d ago

you need to get glasses it looks like a game from 15 years ago not saying it aint a good game but graphically it sucks.

TheSanchezDavid2468d ago

Nah, I like the graphics. =P

Azule612468d ago

I agree with @interpolred I'm really liking the graphics and the visual art style ^_^

mystakin2466d ago

I really dig everything that Bastion is going for. I think the art is sublime, the narration is brilliant, the controls are smooth, etc. I'm starting to think the Summer of Arcade is the best time for game releases all year, at least on 360.