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GameZone's David Sanchez reviews Limbo, the popular puzzle platformer that was just released for Playstation 3.

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TheSanchezDavid2220d ago

Absolutely amazing experience. Glad this finally came to PSN.

Corepred42220d ago

I love the demo, but no way am i paying that much for it. Considering how old it is.

J5Feedback2220d ago

If you've never played it, it's worth it. I wish I could play Limbo for the first time again. Support the developer so they can keep making awesome games.

Szarky2220d ago

Don't be cheap, it's easily worth the $11 (PS+) and even the $15 regular price. It would be a shame to miss out on a game like this. I would put it up there with Flower and Braid as one of my favorite PSN games.

grailly2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I'm glad it finally came out on PS3 and that I was finally was able to play it. I don't think it lives up to all the praising it gets; it's good, just not good enough for all the awards it got. I didn't finish it yet though, I may change my mind. the controls just don't feel tight.

Azule612220d ago

I'm so glad that every person on all consoles has a chance to play this masterpiece of a video game. It is definitely worth the amount they are asking for, you won't be disappointed.

mystakin2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Limbo was easily my favorite game released last year, so I'm glad to see it's finally on the PS3 and survived the transition. There's few games that dedicate themselves to a style and atmosphere as well as this one.