Xbox Officially Wins September

The official NPD numbers are in for September, and the Xbox 360 swept, even beating out the Nintendo Wii for that month.

We think it has something to do with Halo 3.

Here are the hard Numbers, from industry analysts at the NPD Group:


Xbox 360: 527,800
Wii: 501,000
Nintendo DS: 495,800
PlayStation Portable: 284,500
PlayStation 2: 215,000
Playstation 3: 119,400
Game Boy Advance: 75,000

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razer4055d ago

Damn, 360 handed out the ass whoopin in sept. but I don't think anyone was surprised by this.. The PS3 is flitering dangerously with that sub 100k number.. Will be interesting to see Oct and if the 360 continues it's momentum. With the PS3 going $399 in Nov, not too much will probably change for the PS3 in Oct.

Didn't we already see this numbers? For some reason this news seems old.

Real Gambler4055d ago

We are in November, october numbers are out. Not sure why september numbers are suddenly news??? We can likely expect July numbers next week... : )

What I would have like to see is the advertising numbers for September. Microsoft advertising budget for Halo3 alone could have been enough to buy a small country!!! That would have been news.

ActionBastard4055d ago

Halo 3 sold like crazy! So did the 360! In September. Watch out PS3 and Wii! The 360 sold well! In September.

Dareaver14055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

this just came out, if october NPD numbers came out, then why hasn't that news been posted. All of you can scream old, but guess what. These are the official numbers and they just came out. It might be November, but these are the official numbers for September. Show me that the October numbers are out and official.


And while you all are at it, check for a duplicate story then. Don't you think that if these numbers were released last month, then it would have already been posted. Fanboys are notorious for tryin to justify their purchase, so i would have expected all 360 Fanboys to have been posted this. But alas, there are no duplicate or past stories to speak of. So that means this is new to this site, and to the public.

I guess if it said the PS3 was on top, the turnaround would have been better for support, then complaints. I'm not a 360, Wii, or PS3 fanboy. I thought it was news worthy article, and i thought NPD was better respected then VGchartz. So i posted it, and i only edited within the guidelines of N4G and only substituted the personalization to the sites name.

Skerj4055d ago

As of this post it's November 6th, let September go.

Snukadaman4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

The ps3 only had a 26% increase from last week...ohh and also ratchet and clank only managed too sell 41K...less than half of that first week...also considered a flop...air combat starting too think people already have in their minds the ps3 is a flop and are not giving it a chance....eye of judgement did a tad better this week also with 18K..vf5 did terrible as well with 38K..coming out on top was xbox 360 gh2 with 700k even beating both the ps2 and wii combined...hows that for moving on skerj??

ohh silly me..forgot the link for vgchartz..enjoy dont matter if the common peon who dont develop games for consoles look at the charts...most developers do and figure out what console is more lucrative too produce a 6-10 million dollar game on right now. enjoy assassins creed because I will be as well.

Look at my gamertag and see im playing some cod4, some naruto..and some VF5..theres plenty of time too play games and check charts..I wonder if your little song and dance about not checking charts would be different if the charts showed the ps3 with a major boost in sales...and not the mediocre 26%.
I will also play r&c when i get a ps3...somewhere when gow 3 comes out...same with resistance...the 2 reasons anyone should own a ps3 right now.

Skerj4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I'm playing fun games instead of looking at boring charts deciding what flopped and what didn't? If I bought it, it won in my book. And Ratchet is GOOD screw what a chart says, have you played it? If not, you should before judging. Seriously dude do you even PLAY games?

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I do not and never have needed a chart or an analyst to tell me what to play. Do I need to consult VGChartz next week for Assassin's Creed? Nope, I'm already getting it, and Uncharted, Kane & Lynch, Mass Effect, Haze, and UT3 (for both PC AND PS3) as well. Gee a lot of good sales number for games that haven't been released yet does for me.

I've played a few of the aforementioned games, they're genres I'm interested in, and the devs have a decent track record of titles I'd like to play THAT'S how I decide what I'm getting.

sjappie4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

outsold ps3 6:1, and ps2 and wi 4:1. And then you got people saying it's over for 360 and that xbots are kids. With these attach rates 360 will stay on top. And the kid are the ones that don't buy games.

Chitown712914055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

is that if this was the HUGE INDUSTRY SHATERRING GAME that all that advertising was for, if this was THE HALO EFFECT, selling 527,000 gosh damn consoles, then I am not impressed at all. I really hope Microsoft wasn't expecting this to overthrow Sony as the industry leader, because if so the name Microsoft won't exist in the gaming industry by the end of next year.

jaja14344055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

What were you expecting? Them to sell millions upon millions.
No game can do that.

Except for maybe Smash Brothers...

*ohh 3 disagrees I dare someone to name one game that increase console sells by at least 1 million. Dare I say dare! Don't be sheepish and disagrees just because you lack independent thought!

BrotherNick4055d ago

Smash Bros players are some hard core motherf-ers :P Many gamecubes were bought for just that...I got it once I got a wii :P

jaja14344055d ago

Do you mean you got it once you got a Gamecube?

Daishi4055d ago

I like how you say this about a game that broke every entertainment record to date. We're not just talking in the gaming industry but the entire entertainment industry. And while 500k might not seem like a lot, remember that 30% of those 10million consoles sold are playing this game right now. You need to play some WoW and learn some scocial skills...

bluebrad19744055d ago

Are you actually being serious?

lawman11084055d ago

Most mothers don't run out and buy their kids systems and or games just because they came out in September,they make their kids WAIT until Christmas. The 360 will blow the doors off this year between the GAMES and the inventory this year = BLOOD BATH for the PS3 in sales. Take a look at the pile of Ps3's wasting space at a Circuit City in New Jersey

JasonPC360PS3Wii4054d ago

When has the PS3 sold 500,000 accept on launch day?

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Killzownz844055d ago

And why is this posting as of now?! This is like what 3 weeks old. I heard this news weeks ago