Do Cheat Codes have a Place in Modern Video-Games?

GPT: "Most gamers over the age of fifteen should remember a time when the majority of video-games had a plethora of cheat codes to “enhance” the gameplay experience. Whether these were solely aesthetic or offered in-game advantages varied, but it's safe to say that a large majority of games during and before the last generation of gaming offered some kind of means to cheat. This took a drastic change with the current (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii) era where barely any games offer cheat codes."

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VG_Releaser2550d ago

Answer: Yes, as long as they don't enable cheating towards trophies/achievements or online.

NewMonday2550d ago

i wish they would give me the option of disabling trophies, i hate that i cant save my game after using cheats.

they also disabled porting saves from other users for the same reason.

just give me the OPTION

NoNeedForAName2550d ago

Games are getting progressively easier and easier it seems. I haven't used a cheat for years. Used to use them all of the time back in my PS2/PS1 days. In fact, I think GTAIII was the last game I seriously used cheats on...increased gore/pedestrians riot/decreased gravity with better car handling was awesome. I think they should go ahead and include cheats for people who want to use them...just don't let them get trophies or 100% completion of the game...Vice City style.

eclectified2549d ago

I'm all for cheat codes, offline. Completion and trophies are whatever... Online is the only place I don't like to see cheats of any kind.

Hicken2549d ago

Since stuff is generally not difficult enough for cheats, I can't really see them being used anymore.

Longsama2549d ago

Hellz yea i miss those days the cheats were so fun, and the costumes, oh god the costumes