5 Xbox 360 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

James of Writes:

"It’s pretty safe to say that summers are a very good time to be an Xbox 360 gamer. While there typically aren’t major exclusive retail releases, the annual Summer Of Arcade has treated us well the past few years. Each summer we’re given at least a few gems everyone should download, and this year doesn’t look like it’ll break the trend. Besides the highlighted SoA titles, we’ve also been treated to some other great hits. So if you’re feeling bored, don’t worry, because these five games will keep you busy throughout the summer."

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rrquinta2555d ago

Cool list. They all look like fun games. I know some people criticized ilomilo, but I enjoyed it.

Jamesmanguyperson2555d ago

Bastion is definitely another title Xbox gamers should be playing this summer..