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Juan of VividGamer writes:

"Released over a year ago on Xbox Live, Limbo has finally made its way onto the PlayStation Network. Developed by PlayDead, Limbo delivers quite a bit in a very small package. Limbo is one game you will not mind being stuck in."

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ncstatefan9532284d ago

This really is a great game.

GLoRyKnoT2284d ago

Fantastic experience! Hope PlayDead develops a sequel :)

rrquinta2284d ago

Is it true it's only an hour long? I was planning on buying it since Plus members save some money if you buy it now, but even $12 seems a little steep if it's so short? Am I wrong?

GLoRyKnoT2284d ago

Its a puzzle game so its as long as your skill lvl. (could last forever:) lol

Bottomline: LIMBO is a priceless experience!

ncstatefan9532284d ago

I was wondering the same thing but after I beat it, it still had me captivated. Still does. I am now confident that it is well worth the money.

Fullmetalevolust2284d ago

I played the demo and it left me in the worst cliff hanger, will you save the boy for $11? Not just yet lol, although I give major props to the game for making me care. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the clever puzzles. It was deeply engrossing, but as of right now, can't buy it for that much.

GLoRyKnoT2284d ago

When will you good ppl ever learn??? Gaming is not about money it's a lifestyle.

Cheat yourself out of a great experience for a few bucks! Well done?!?

Jamesmanguyperson2284d ago

The first encounter with the spider is one of the most memorable experiences you'll have with a downloadable title..

Fullmetalevolust2284d ago

I agree, it was downright chilling.