Gears of War 3 Could Be Hurt By App Store, Fears Epic

Gears of War 3 is expected to be one of the top sellers this holiday season (Michael Pachter expects 10 million units) but their are plenty of hurdles for it to overcome. The game will not only be up against a bevy of other triple-A titles, but also cheap mobile apps on Apple's App Store, argues Epic President Mike Capps.

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donniebaseball2339d ago

I think the App Store fear is legitimate in the long run, but I doubt it'll hurt Gears 3 much this holiday.

Buff10442339d ago

It makes no sense whatsoever. Silly thing for Epic to even say.

otherZinc2339d ago

Yes, absolutely foolish to say. This guy may know how to make games but fails at market demographics & should never speak again!

Phone apps will hurt DS & PSP Vita sales but not console games. One is mobile, the other isn't. One is the highest of difficulty & incredible output. One is simple, low cost, short, & most basic game play ever.

He needs to stfu and make games & leave Consumer Behavior to the business people.

rabidpancakeburglar2339d ago

I know, I don't know who would choose stuff like angry birds over gears but I meet one of those people then I'll be sure to slap them about until they are thinking right again.

Inside_out2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

How is a fully feature console game the same as a mickey mouse app or one trick pony Limbo type of game???

I've heard the same thing about movies for are they ever going to compete. Harry Potter made 100+ million in about 3-4 days. Avatar is the highest grossing movie ever and almost had a clean sweep of all industry awards. If you build it, they will come.

The problem right now is these guys are sitting on there hands, dragging out this gen of gaming. It needs a infusion of better technology and instead, they are feeding us the same games over and over. When you get to part 3 of anything, it's time to move on.

Epic is one to complain. They cut Bulletstorm down by not allowing the game to have a real multi-player so as not to effect the sales of Gears this year...they have no one to blame but themselves.

The industry, much like some fanboys keep playing the blame game. Make a game that matters and has a good story, good game play and a art direction that captures the imagination of it's intended audience and you will sell as many games as you can make.

The console game industry is grinding to a halt as the sales of little apps is showing. People want something new and fresh, that means new consoles are a MUST.

Part 3 is 1 part to many. People are growing tired of the same old story. New stories told differently is the key, just like in movies. Deliver a better looking, more immersing experience through game play and it will be good times...don't, and people will move on.

The guy from Ubisoft, one of the biggest pubs out there is right...time to move on.

kevnb2339d ago

You can build on any platform, if its what people want it will sell. epic forgot this along the way somewhere.

Raven_Nomad2339d ago

It's almost at 1.5 million pre orders and is the most anticipated game this year. I think it'll be fine.

newn4gguy2339d ago

Most anticipated?

I'm not entirely sure if you're trolling or not...

2339d ago Replies(5)

Raven_Nomad Trolling? Nah!


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