Kane & Lynch: Insider #3

Get an in-depth look at the incredible multiplayer game modes available in Kane & Lynch.

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MK_Red4060d ago

This is a potentially great game with superb story and characters but it's being released in the worst possible time.

Ahhhh4060d ago

Yeah the time aint great but it looks great and will probably sell quite well. I know I will be getting it.

i just wonder bout the online play.. what if two friends play through and kill the rest of the robbers and leave the mission, do they just split all the money that was taken? Instead of sharing it with everyone will they just split it between those two? I hope that you can do it that way. And, hopefully there is something you can do with the money, or is it just a way of.. say like a rank?

Skerj4060d ago

Yeah whatever you leave with, you keep. It's going to provide for some interesting matches I so can't wait.

Baba19064060d ago

wow i love the multiplayer thing going on there. very nice.