Gamer Euphoria: Dungeon Siege 3 Review (360/PS3)

The dungeon crawling loot fest role playing games have been making a re-emergence of late and at this point we find ourselves with the third in the Dungeon Siege franchise.

Previous entries in the franchise have never been regarded as massively story driven games and have instead focused on action and accessibility, Dungeon Siege 3 however is a product of Obsidian games and their influence is clear to see. There’s more focus on the story this time around (the story isn’t any special but the expected good vs evil with very little original or interesting to speak off) with heavy use of conversation tree’s with NPC’s and mini cut scenes, this is the first problem Dungeon siege 3 runs into. Given the dungeon crawling nature of the gameplay the constant drawn out conversations with NPC’s bring the game to a halt and disrupt the gameplay and almost makes the dungeon crawling feel alienated. It also doesn’t help when the story tends to drag and become increasingly uninteresting as players progress through it.

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hano2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

This is really a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. I think most reviews are not being fair.

The graphics on my PC are looking great and the art style is wonderful. There's a SquareEnix vibe to the character art style (The Kid) and the towns (StoneRidge).

The game itself is not a hasstle to play and smooth. It is not your typical Diablo clone which I love. Also there's a story to this one! I also loved the voice acting. Also the inventory management is really smooth and not as much a hassle as other games in the genre.

I loved this game. You only are going to hate it if you wanted a classic diablo clone (I.E Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege 1&2..etc).

madjedi2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

"You only are going to hate it if you wanted a classic diablo clone (I.E Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege 1&2..etc)." You mean have standard genre features like new game+, progressive difficulties and gear that scales with said difficulties.

Or how about allowing for different builds for the characters, diablo 2 in 1999 allowed for that it's 2011, we should be progressing in gameplay not going backwards.

"I think most reviews are not being fair." I agree with the poor design choices this game made we need higher standards if this game an 8 or 8.5.

I didn't expect a diablo clone, i expected dungeon crawling game that would be faithful to it's lineage/genre. Instead i see a dumbed down over simplified action adventure game masquerading as a dungeon crawling grind game.

Graphics and story the 2 least important things in a dungeon crawling game. "The game itself is not a hasstle to play and smooth."If you mean boring combat and fubared online your right.

Another example of dumbing it down for mainstream when your a niche genre to begin with.

Linko642409d ago

You speak the truth. It's a alight crawler nothing more nothing less