Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection Has a New Release Date

Last month, GameStop revealed the price and release date of Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection for both the PS3. Amazon finally joined the party about a week ago. Well, both GameStop and Amazon have changed the release date for this collection. And yes, it is for the better. In addition, Amazon has some weird errors in the product features for the 360 version.

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Sneak-Out2409d ago

this date was official confirmed a few days ago

showtimefolks2408d ago

i will buy it just for MGS3 and enjoy MGS2 and peace walker for free

hopefully peace walker is not all stealth like i have seen some videos i like some powerful gun play too

ABizzel12408d ago

Why is it $50 and not $40. I hate inconsistency.

just_looken2408d ago

i know peaple that played peace walker its just like mgs4 you can go rambo or stealth and the new thing is that you can call in for buddy backup or upgrade like the drebin system.

lh_swe2408d ago

@ABizzel1 - I think it might be because Peace Walker is still quite new...perhaps.

NBT912408d ago

Yeah MGS3 is still and probably always will be the best entry in the series.
Peace Walker is no different to the rest of them, it is as stealthy or as action heavy as you make it.
MGS4 only had the more powerful gun play because it tied in with the plot more

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lsujester2408d ago

Have anyone seen if the version of Snake Eater is the original or the Subsistence version. I don't care about the extras that came with it, but I'd hate to buy this and not have the 3D camera.

Kakasquall2408d ago

From what I heard, it is the Subsistence and Substance versions of MGS3 and MGS2.

Mr_Lu_Kim2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Subsistence version minus Metal Gear Online for MGS3

NoobJobz2409d ago

I thought the article said the date change was for the better. Doesn't seem that way to me. Yes, it's coming out earlier which is good but why the same day as MW3? Plus a week after Uncharted and 3 days before Skyrim. Surely sales aren't going to be great.

solidsnake2222409d ago

It is for the fans, and everyone else is free to purchase on or after the 29th if they wish. He sale won't be disastrous.

PhoenixDevil2409d ago

Dude you got it the wrong way round, this is going to threaten MW3 sales!!!!

Joking aside since the release date is in the busiest period of the year anyway for games its gona be stiff anyway shame they could have released it during the summer drought before I get wrapped up in Dark Souls and Uncharted 3, still hopefully will get it as soon as it comes out (not big on MW3 personally)

FAGOL2409d ago

I don't think they are looking for record day 1 sales. These HD remakes are suppose to sell well throughout the year. Hardcore fans will buy it on release but others will buy later on.

PirateThom2409d ago

I'd buy it before MW3 and, in fact, I will be.

Prototype2409d ago

I'm buying it instead of MW3

PirateThom2409d ago

That too, buying MW3 is lol.

DigitalAnalog2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

What is this "MW3" you speak of? Is that candy? Sounds like it's really popular with the kids.

-End statement

Soldierone2408d ago

Dunno about you, but it saves me that extra trip to the store to get it. Hell it saves Amazon some money if I buy it there, ship both games in one box.

Plus I doubt it hurts or has any specific relation to Skyrim, thats mostly a different audience of gamers.

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Platinum_k2409d ago

Getting this game for sure!!!

3 in 1 is so much better than 1 in 1!

galgor2408d ago

can't. come. quick enough.

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