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Submitted by solidsnake222 1667d ago | news

Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection Has a New Release Date

Last month, GameStop revealed the price and release date of Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection for both the PS3. Amazon finally joined the party about a week ago. Well, both GameStop and Amazon have changed the release date for this collection. And yes, it is for the better. In addition, Amazon has some weird errors in the product features for the 360 version. (Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Sneak-Out  +   1667d ago
this date was official confirmed a few days ago
showtimefolks  +   1667d ago
i don't mind if they release it tonight lol
i will buy it just for MGS3 and enjoy MGS2 and peace walker for free

hopefully peace walker is not all stealth like i have seen some videos i like some powerful gun play too
ABizzel1  +   1667d ago
Why is it $50 and not $40. I hate inconsistency.
just_looken  +   1667d ago
i know peaple that played peace walker its just like mgs4 you can go rambo or stealth and the new thing is that you can call in for buddy backup or upgrade like the drebin system.
lh_swe  +   1667d ago
@ABizzel1 - I think it might be because Peace Walker is still quite new...perhaps.
NBT91  +   1666d ago
Yeah MGS3 is still and probably always will be the best entry in the series.
Peace Walker is no different to the rest of them, it is as stealthy or as action heavy as you make it.
MGS4 only had the more powerful gun play because it tied in with the plot more
lsujester  +   1667d ago
Have anyone seen if the version of Snake Eater is the original or the Subsistence version. I don't care about the extras that came with it, but I'd hate to buy this and not have the 3D camera.
Kakasquall  +   1667d ago
From what I heard, it is the Subsistence and Substance versions of MGS3 and MGS2.
Mr_Lu_Kim  +   1667d ago
Subsistence version minus Metal Gear Online for MGS3
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The Matrix  +   1667d ago
Awesome news.
initial_kay  +   1667d ago
kool kool ;)
NoobJobz  +   1667d ago
I thought the article said the date change was for the better. Doesn't seem that way to me. Yes, it's coming out earlier which is good but why the same day as MW3? Plus a week after Uncharted and 3 days before Skyrim. Surely sales aren't going to be great.
solidsnake222  +   1667d ago
It is for the fans, and everyone else is free to purchase on or after the 29th if they wish. He sale won't be disastrous.
PhoenixDevil  +   1667d ago
Dude you got it the wrong way round, this is going to threaten MW3 sales!!!!

Joking aside since the release date is in the busiest period of the year anyway for games its gona be stiff anyway shame they could have released it during the summer drought before I get wrapped up in Dark Souls and Uncharted 3, still hopefully will get it as soon as it comes out (not big on MW3 personally)
FAGOL  +   1667d ago
I don't think they are looking for record day 1 sales. These HD remakes are suppose to sell well throughout the year. Hardcore fans will buy it on release but others will buy later on.
PirateThom  +   1667d ago
I'd buy it before MW3 and, in fact, I will be.
Prototype  +   1667d ago
I'm buying it instead of MW3
PirateThom  +   1667d ago
That too, buying MW3 is lol.
DigitalAnalog  +   1667d ago
What is this "MW3" you speak of? Is that candy? Sounds like it's really popular with the kids.

-End statement
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Soldierone  +   1667d ago
Dunno about you, but it saves me that extra trip to the store to get it. Hell it saves Amazon some money if I buy it there, ship both games in one box.

Plus I doubt it hurts or has any specific relation to Skyrim, thats mostly a different audience of gamers.
Platinum_k  +   1667d ago
Getting this game for sure!!!

3 in 1 is so much better than 1 in 1!
xabmol  +   1667d ago
That's what she said?
galgor  +   1667d ago
can't. come. quick enough.
zeal0us  +   1667d ago
Great deal if you like MGS series, which I do.
One of the many games I plan on buying.
RyanDJ  +   1667d ago
Personally, I have a beef with "ultimate" or such "collections" that don't have them all, or do things out of order. I'm anal like that.

Like when the James Bond movies came out on DVD in packs, they just seemed to throw six random Bond films from through the year into one box.
solidsnake222  +   1667d ago
To be fair, and MGS1 and Peace Walker voucher will be provided for PS3 customers. See the last paragraph of this article:
RyanDJ  +   1667d ago
True, and I suppose that's a bonus for PS3 owners, but alas, I only have Xbox at the moment. I suppose I can link those in on my PSP tho, so all would be good. Except for 4, that is. :(
DarkBlood  +   1667d ago
niiiiiiiice cant wait to get it then
MeatAbstract  +   1667d ago
Never played Peace Walker so I look forward to that. MGS2 and MGS3 will be awesome to play again in HD. Shame we couldn't get The Twin Snakes in this but I guess that was a bit OTT compared to the original in the PS.
Der_Kommandant  +   1667d ago
Snake isn't afraid of MW3
R_A_LEE20  +   1667d ago
It looks like Amazon has accidentally added the info of Twisted Metal or something.
spektical  +   1667d ago
trophies/ achievements???
solidsnake222  +   1667d ago
of course, 3 platinums and 3000 GS.
PhoenixDevil  +   1666d ago
Yh but you know there is going to be a trophy to get the big boss emblem, if there is its going to be a hard plat(s)
solidsnake222  +   1666d ago
True Phoenix, but you overlooked the fact that I'm obsessed with metal gear. Nothing I haven't done before. In fact, I still have the MGS 3 and PW strategy guides. Just buy em as collectables though, for anything else the Internet is best!
JAMurida  +   1667d ago
I still wish they would of also included or just had MGS 1, 2 and 3, (maybe add Peace Walker as well), in the collection instead of just 2, 3 and Peace walker. IMO, it's not a collection without MGS 1 in it as well.

Then again, I wouldn't mind replaying MGS 3 again...
t0mmyb0y  +   1667d ago
"Last month, GameStop revealed the price and release date of Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection for both the PS3."

Should be "revealed both the price and release date of Metal Gear Solid: The HD Collection for the PS3."
solidsnake222  +   1667d ago
Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I made a careless mistake. But, it should actually be "for both the PS3 and 360."
Braid  +   1667d ago
You know what, I'd rather play portable ops than peace walker, I wish they could add it to the disc. PW is not exactly a good MGS game.

Yeah you heard it right, and I said that as a die-hard MGS fan. Maps are as small as a molecule, ai bosses are annoying and dull, and the story is well, I won't even get into that. Let's just say you can't even imagine how badly I want to go back in time, in order to prevent myself from buying that ceramic white PSP just to play this game.

The only cool thing about PW is the opening cinematic I guess. Everything else about the game was mediocre. And did I ever tell you the story was... oh boy, you really need to be drunk to make sense of it. Gameplay wise its better than portable ops, but the story and characters/bosses in PO were so undeniably superior to the peace walker that it was kind of a let down for me.
DigitalAnalog  +   1667d ago
Good point.
Actually, I prefer the elements of PW to be in PO. I like the progression and boss elements of the former, the AI on the latter served it's purpose when you fight them the first time.

-End statement
ThreeShitsty  +   1667d ago
Solid_Dave  +   1667d ago
Can't freaking wait. I am very eager to play Peace Walker in HD!
Kee  +   1666d ago
Hmm... Didn't realise we were getting peacewalker, too. That's awesome.
Batzi  +   1666d ago
but what you didn't also realize too was the fact that we're not getting MGS1!
Kee  +   1666d ago
MGS1 is on the PSN store. Just played that recently so I'm not fussed.
NBT91  +   1666d ago
I was not even aware this was coming to the 360 lol.
If it is though, and you are a 360 gamer who has not played MGS3, you are in for a real treat.
Batzi  +   1666d ago
Can't wait. As simple as such.

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