God of War III officially PS3-bound

In March, Sony Computer Entertainment America held a lavish launch party in San Francisco for God of War II. In the course of the celebrations, Cory Barlog, the game's outspoken director, dropped some none-too-subtle hints that the series would be coming to the PlayStation 3 along with force feedback.

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ngg123454058d ago

I didn't expect sony to announce god of war 3. I'm waiting for the trailer.

shmee4058d ago

2008 is a year of killing for ps3.

However i expect the ps3 to come out on top in XMAS sales in NA too

ruibing4058d ago

I don't expect this until Q1 2009, but I hope their Santa Monica studio proves me wrong.

unlimited4058d ago

I hope they been working on it this year..and be out sometimes the end of next year..i didnt even know that infamous been in devlopement for a year already and its set to release next year..2008 looks really bright for sony ..

HarryEtTubMan4058d ago

I have no doubt that this Christmas things will be MUCH BETTER for the PS3 but I also believe this is the absolute STRONGEST holiday season the 360 will ever have. I have no doubt about the PS3 winning next holiday seasons though.. we will have to wait it out and see...

Kleptic4058d ago

will be nice to see the true "GoW" III go up against NG 2...I know how different the gameplay is...but they are setting up to be the two big exclusive action games of each respective system...

NG S was great...but I am leaning towards GoW III as being probably one of the greatest action games ever made...the scale of the first two, even on the PS2, was absolutely undeniable...

lawman11084058d ago

no, 2009 ughhhh 2010 sorry we ment spring 2011 we swear!

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sonarus4058d ago

i hope its already in development. great ps3 system sellrt right here. 1 of sony's best franchises.

beoulve4058d ago

I even haven't finish GOW2 yet. Sad, there are too much games to play.

beoulve4058d ago

Yes on my PS3. Upscaled PS2 GOW2

Wii60_FTW4057d ago

he means are there too many games to play on your ps3? LOL. the correct answer is NO. LMAO

CrazzyMan4057d ago

RR7, Motorstom, Resistance, F1, Genji, Oblivion, VF5, DIRT, GRAW2, Lair, Ratchet, Warhawk, CoD3, HS, T5:DR, Folklore, NGS, GH3, CoD4 and etc.

Sorry, you fail.

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ParaDise_LosT4058d ago

Its a SCEA Game...where else is it gonna go?
the mac?
this is just dumb lol

FF7numba14058d ago

come on mr. obvious. LOL they don't have to make GOW 3 for ps3.they also don't have to make it all. thats their only options. with that said if it wasn't on ps3 it would be on ps2.

sonarus4058d ago

i completely disagree ff7numba1 they have to make it. after 2 finished i pretty much bought a ps3 the nxt day in eager anticipation for the 2nd

FF7numba14058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

GOW 3 09!!!! hooray! lol jaffe and his crew gonna come close to maxing out the ps3.