Seven games that are better for being "dumbed down"

OXM UK: "When developers say they're "streamlining" or "refining" a treasured franchise or body of game mechanics, that's usually your cue to advance on the relevant offices with a torch and pitchfork. Usually. Here are seven games that threw out a little bathwater without losing their grip on the baby.

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MrSpace2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Ironic that this is for a Xbox 360 magazine when the 360 is the one that dumbs most games down

Oh look a picture of L.A Noire, the main one aswell. Now were going to have to buy the burglary desk job as DLC and they even BS by saying it "wouldn't fit on a blu ray disc" lol

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dirigiblebill2555d ago

There's a difference between "downgrading" to fit different technical specifications and streamlining a set of mechanics, you sap.

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CameronL992555d ago

Why is it considered "dumbing down" to make a clunky, unusable crappy system and actually making it work? The hardest of the hardcore nerd gamers seem to think that spending hours navigating through boring, clunky menus are what makes them "smart", playing "smart games", when clearly they're just "no-life losers with way to much time on their hands" lol

madjedi2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


Maybe because they can read and understand all of those stats, whereas your too lazy or stupid to even make the attempt to.

"The hardest of the hardcore nerd gamers seem to think that spending hours navigating through boring, clunky menus are what makes them "smart", playing "smart games", when clearly they're just "no-life losers with way to much time on their hands" lol"

Your on a video game site discussing games, calling others nerds or saying they have no life stfu, seriously what the hell do you think you are. Beyond full of yourself, i mean.

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BeastlyRig2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Technically 95% of multi-plats are for pc soo ps3/360 are in the same boat..

But Just like I hear ps3/360 players say about pc.. "It's up to devs to use full power". BF3 would put ps3/360 in the same category compared to the pc version..

I would say 98% of games are dumbed down no matter which console.. soo stop trying to make ps3 look like it's high end tech..

A game like GTA 4 is made for console tech first so it's dumbed down.. very simple..


So what is ps3 doing pushing pc? lmao ps3 elitist act like us pc elitsit accept they are the mini version..

Any game machine that can't do full hd & needs MLAA to blur the jaggies, keep the frame rate @ as table 30fps with the occasional dip below 30fps & to help it stay @ 720p is not that good.. imo..

Hicken2555d ago

You again? Is touting how "superior" PC is to console the only contribution you can make to ANY conversation?

I don't see you comparing the DS to 360, or to a PC. Why the hell do you see the need to bring your unnecessary bias into unrelated discussions?

I would tell you to go away, but seeing as you've only got one bubble(can't imagine why that is), you're already gone.

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SLLCKGT2555d ago

Don't bother. I've made many comments about about how 360 games are dumbed down to fit. But then again when you have a dumbed down game on a dumbed down system with dumb owners lol what do you expect. These peeps love swapping discs and playing inferior versions of once PS3 exclusives.

stonecold32555d ago

the 360 has been holding ps3 and pc multiplats backthis gen well im happy ffvs 13 is ps3 exclusive which means it wont get held back like what happened to ff13 and la noire thanks m$ for ruining games this gen

dirthurts2555d ago

Actually if Sony would just make consoles that use normal processors like every other company, then no one would have trouble programing for it, thus improving the overall game quality.
They money they saved on developing an overly complicated cpu could have been put towards a better gpu, which would have pushed the 360 behind in this gen.

madjedi2554d ago

Well since parallel processing is what we should be moving toward, i think sony made the right choice, it hasn't kept 1st parties from making incredible games with some solid graphics. And most third party games from being average with a few gems.

When the 360 produces games at killzone 3 and uncharted 3's level ect then i'll consider it even, till then it is behind in both quality and quantity.

Too bad most of ms's studios got a pink slip in favor of kinect.

Why is it 360 owners are so adamant that using the cell was a mistake for sony, i look at the games on it and ask what's the problem.

dirthurts2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Actually I'm not a 360 gamer.
I'm a pc engineer, and I happen to know what I'm talking about.
The PS3 is a full year newer than the 360, if there wasn't some sort of graphical difference I would be astonished.
while multithreaded applications sound awesome, it's incredibly hard to do, especially with games.
Why do you think PC games look so much better than consoles games, despite not having crazy complicated cpu's?

HAF9122555d ago

when you see article like this you know author is a fool.

nothing is ever better dumbed down.

madjedi2554d ago

Well most of his points were not really examples of dumbing a game down, but the developer designing the game better to accommodate the limitations of a lack of m/k.

Dungeon siege 3 is a dumbed down game.

HAF9122554d ago

my fav games like deus ex were ruined when devs tried to cater to the lowest common denominator aka consoles. Deus Ex 2 ... so sad.