Healthy gaming - how to endure an all-nighter ( writes:

"Day one and you just got back from the game store grasping your latest purchase, and already you know it’s going to be a long night. Yep, it’s time for an all-night gaming session!

Every videogame enthusiast knows what an all-nighter feels like -- body tired, eyes sore, and yet you still can’t get some shuteye. While sleep is a very important part of staying healthy - and it is recommended you try and get 8-10 hours of sleep every day - we know that’s just not possible for us folk. As such, here are a few tips that will help make those all night gaming sessions just that little bit easier."

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porgep2582d ago

Good points here. I also recommend jogging with a PSP (probably should do that on a treadmill and not on a busy street).

Son_Lee2582d ago

Jog in the street, while playing Frogger. Irony wins!


Great article guys! -GamerFitNation

Xof2582d ago

>Healthy Gaming

Oxymoron. Gaming can be unhealthy, but it can't be healthy.

This article is basically, "how to lead a healthy lifestyle when not playing games."

Also known as "don't play games for 8 hours each day."

MintBerryCrunch2582d ago

hej don't YOU tell me that Zumba Fitness isn't good for me


fossilfern2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Get up early enough go to the gym, play football, rugby etc for like an hour eat properly and you can easily have an 8 hour gaming session.

I know friends who would sleep into about 3pm and just eat shit the rest of the day, but all I need is atleast 6 hours sleep and ill be fine

bangoskank2582d ago

Discipline. Force yourself to work out 4-5 days a week for about an hour each day. Circuit training works wonders for me. Also jog or bike for a warm up. A low-fat diet consisting of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains
also helps. A bottle of whiskey in the freezer is well deserved if you follow these steps.

bwazy2582d ago

A bag of nuts? Do you know how much fat is it that?

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