No Skyrim footage at QuakeCon, but more online 'by the end of summer'

SystemLink: "Quakecon, despite being closely connected with Bethesda, looks like it won't budge to put anything other than id Software on centre stage. While you're sure to see more John Carmack, RAGE, and Quake than ever, don't expect any new Skyrim footage."

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WhiteLightning2408d ago

Does anyone know if there showing off Doom4 at Quakecon. I thought it was going to be Skyrim/Rage based but Doom may stand a chance now.

AlienBlaster2408d ago

They did not say anything concrete about Doom 4 maybe they will reveal some details but i doubt we will see any footage. I'm dying to see that game especially now that they have id tech 5 to run it.

Cpt_kitten2408d ago

maybe that there gonna work on it next but i dont expect a full announcement till next year and maybe a teaser but don't expect doom4 till 2014/15

NanoSoldier2408d ago

Doom 4 will be great, but right now I'm really excited for RAGE.

ThrazN72398d ago

doom 4 id engine 5 yes please.