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Submitted by ismejks 1667d ago | video

Metal Gear Peace Walker HD - Comic Con 2011 Xbox 360 Gameplay

Check out some peace walker HD gameplay of Xbox 360 from Comic Con 2011 (Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Raven_Nomad  +   1667d ago
I didn't realize Peace Walker was going to be on the Xbox 360 version? Look's pretty good actually. Wish the compilation was a little cheaper but I might pick this up.
Unicron  +   1667d ago
You certainly should if you have any interest, it's a great, great series.
TurismoGTR  +   1667d ago
Sorry, I'm a HUGE MGS fan but this port looks horrible.
afterMoth  +   1667d ago
Wow, that is one ugly ass port. Why bother porting if you are going to d such a lazy job? Ok, well money is the obvious answer. Us the MGS4 engine and redo it, so much better.

This is like porting an Atari game and making it HD resolution but not actually changing anything else in the original assets. FUGLY!!!!
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1667d ago
Getting it on PS3
But not for Peace Walker.

I'm curious as to how MGS3 and 2 will look in HD.

Peace Walkers polygons are all blown up.
thelogicking  +   1667d ago
it is part of mgs hd collection. i guess.
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gamingdroid  +   1667d ago
I completely forgot about this collection. I'm wondering if I should get the Xbox 360 version or PS3.

I prefer the Xbox 360 controller and achievements, but I got the MGS4 PS3 console! It would be more complete on the PS3... I also have the MGS collection for PS2 ;)
Convas  +   1667d ago
My rule of thumb is that if a game is multiplat, I buy it for Xbox 360.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was a PS3 exclusive, no choice but to get it for PS3.

L.A. Noire was the only exception because it started out originally as a PS3 exclusive.

I'm planning on getting both the Metal Gear Solid Collection HD and Metal Gear Solid: Rising for Xbox 360.

Disagree if you want, doesn't matter which version I get, I'm still supporting Kojima's work.
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Pacman321  +   1667d ago
The PS3 version comes with an extra feature that lets you cross sync your save with the PSP.
Apophis   1667d ago | Spam
gamingdroid  +   1667d ago
I have a feeling my brother will buy it on PS3, since he is a PS3 fan.... maybe I will just enjoy his copy. ;)

We will see, when it gets closer to release and more information comes out. Right now I'm sort of leaning towards the Xbox 360 unless I buy that controller converter for PS3. Then I would prefer the PS3 version for sure. I'm so used to the Xbox 360 controller and that's the only thing really holding me back.

I'm an older guy so don't pick things up as fast anymore.
Ser  +   1667d ago
Both the PS3 and 360 versions release with MGS2, MGS3, and Peace Walker. Note that MGS2 and MGS3 are the original editions, not the Substance / Subsistence versions...(Which sucks.)
Unicron  +   1667d ago
Not true. MGS3 at least will have the Sub camera.
Ser  +   1667d ago
O rly?

Where did you hear this? I've been told numerous times that the collection includes the standard editions.
ksense  +   1667d ago
would have loved to see mgs 1 as part of this collection.


yea i understand they have to rework the entire game and it will take time. I was just wishing it was lol. I know practically it is not easy as it is a ps1 game.
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MintBerryCrunch  +   1667d ago
trying to make the game suit an HD console would have made it look terrible due to the low polygon count

the game is great the way it is, but to try and remaster a PS1 classic would take too much time and there would be no benefit to the game
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gamingdroid  +   1667d ago
I would have been happy with just a direct port with all the existing asset, while adding achievement/trophy.

Without it, it is NOT complete. No doubt the fans will ask for it, and Konami will come out with another version of the collection with mgs1.
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Denethor_II  +   1667d ago
Just remaster the twins snakes?
HaHa_Ostrich  +   1667d ago
Twin snakes was a disaster compared to original. They changed the cinematics and turned them into cheesy DMC-esque dump. I mean, in MGS universe you got to witness some crazy shit, but this was just waaaay over the line.
And they changed the music / voice acting too.
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Fanbot  +   1667d ago
use twin snake?
Knushwood Butt  +   1667d ago
Twin Snakes was crap.
GoldPS3  +   1667d ago
I enjoyed PW on my PSP very much but I would love to play it on a big screen also. I was a little pissed that PW went to 360 but now I realized how stupid I was feeling that way. 360 owners should enjoy it too. Also those guys in the video are idiots.
Nate-Dog  +   1667d ago
I was more pissed that Konami (and Kojima in particular) kept going on and on about Peace Walker being a new experience and being made "just for PSP" and for portable gaming, and then just a few months later it's updated and released on 2 home consoles and aswell the PS3 version comes with a code for the PSP version for users to try out Transfarring. Everyone that bought it on PSP has got pretty screwed over.
jetlian  +   1667d ago
fanboy at his finest! the game came out over a year ago!
Nate-Dog  +   1666d ago
@Jetlian: I have a PS3 and PSP and X360. What fanboy am I again?
jetlian  +   1666d ago
first part
was for goldps3 second was for you!
gamingdroid  +   1667d ago
I'm glad you are turning away from the darkside of fanboyism and even admitting to it!

Here is a bubble for restored confidence.
GunofthePatriots  +   1667d ago
Peace Walker is the 3rd best game in the series IMO. Just a solid game all around
Jovahkiin  +   1667d ago
Peace walker is my favourite MGS game due to co-op and i'll be picking it up again on xbox :P
cervantes99  +   1667d ago
Video is a little dark, but It does not look that great. I guess it is the best that can be done with a PSP game.
HaloSpartan  +   1667d ago
Nice,will get it when they are on XBLA.
solidboss  +   1667d ago
this is the reason 360 owners shouldnt get MGS
literally the first thing he does is uses a mounted LMG and starts shooting all over the place killing everything in sight, in a stealth game. 360 owners are not going to appreciate this release as much as ps3 owners are. jesus christ if your going to play the game atleast play it right.
dirthurts  +   1667d ago
Dude WFT kind of comment is that?
You just called 360 owners across the world a bunch of idiots.
I've played every metal gear game all the way back to the original on NES. I own a 360. So I can't play it right?
They put the LMG in a reason. Don't complain about the gamer, complain about the developer.
"play it right". Who do you think you are telling people how to play their game?
solidboss  +   1667d ago
i have played every single mgs game also from NES to PS3. the developer puts in these weapons for a reason, to give gamers the idea of how to play and in a game like MGS where STEALTH is written on the fucking box this gamer demonstrated how you play mgs the exact wrong way, it just so happens he is a x360 gamer which is why i said what i said. kojima must be shh(shaking his head) at the thought of such beautiful art creation being turned into a hand-me-down by the likes of 360 players. lastly i am a consumer my self of these games, i think i have enough experience to say that i know how to play the game i mean its written on the box
dirthurts  +   1667d ago
So you're saying the developer took the time to program a weapon in the game (weeks of work actually) just to say don't use it? You my friend, are not thinking this through.
Yes, stealth is a huge part of MGS.
But there are battles too you know.
What about those boss battles? Fighting the metal gear? Do you just run and hide in your box?
No you don't, you fight.
Metal Gear is a blend of action and stealth.
It's a game, you play however you want. But if you never fire a shot you will never finish the game.
thrashermario  +   1667d ago
i feel your pain dude
Cpt_kitten  +   1667d ago
really cause i own a 360

played all MGS and Splinter cells and play stealthy

oh you must think that because most devs prefer the 360 you think its all fps when there are a lot of people who don't play fps

not to mention ps3 gamers are just as likely to do the same
solidboss  +   1667d ago
well on the contrarily most xbox 360 owners have atleast 1 fps in the library. and that is a FACT. if it is not a COD game then it is most certainly a HALO game. the most selling genre being sold on the x360 is fps an there is no denying that. on the other hand the ps3 has a large variety of games, may not be the best but atleast they have variety
Cpt_kitten  +   1667d ago
you seem to be very close minded, i dont own any fps game, the last time i owned one was halo 2 on original xbox never on this generation

i own rpgs, and 3rd person games
my ps3 there is uncharted and then rpgs and mgs4

but seeing as fps is just as big on ps3 and from watching a friend go on his ps3 to everyone playing call of duty or killzone seems to be equal
solidboss  +   1667d ago
im not close minded i mean its a fact, you even fell into my comment.(if its not a COD game then its most certainly a HALO) and like you said you played halo 2 on xbox so you do fall into the category of xbox owners who have owned a fps regardless if you haven't owned 1 this gen.
Apophis   1667d ago | Spam
thrashermario  +   1667d ago
kojima the the sellout i am not buying your stupid games anymore mgs ones was my favorite series to the point i would sneak all over the place F YOU kojima
Ares90  +   1667d ago
looks like that guy has never played a MGS game before...
CobraKai  +   1667d ago
It also sounds like he didn't know it as a psp game. "but it's still really polygonal". What was he expecting?
PsycheMax  +   1667d ago
I love Kojima but...

Why all the work goes to remaster-remake-re-re-re-re-re -stuff?

Come on lil' boy, CUT it to the chase.
NeutralGamer  +   1667d ago
Yeeee can't wait for it.
turgore  +   1667d ago
they should've remade the textures and made the camera less jerky and more smooth.
sickbird  +   1667d ago
and thats how a 360 owner plays metal gear solid...
jetlian  +   1667d ago
I do find funny is xbox players have been playing the harder stealth games. So I'm not understanding these 360 players don't know stealth comments. Splinter cell is waaaaay more hardcore stealth compared to mgs
josephayal  +   1667d ago
i love this collection, i cant wait for MGS4 hd ramake on the XBOX 360
Braid  +   1667d ago
Guys don't get so hyped about this game, as it's a little... crappy to be honest.
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