Why Game Boycotts Do Not Work

VGChartz: For the last hundred or so years people have been using boycotts to voice disdain for things that make them angry. In the case of the famous Montgomery Bus Boycotts of 1955, a boycott was both successful and ushered in a wave of change that ultimately helped stop racial segregation in America. The bus boycott worked for many reasons, first it got an entire city thinking about an issue that many took for granted, and second it brought an industry, thought to be unjust, to its knees. Black citizens walked, hailed cabs, and did basically everything to avoid taking the public transportation within the city. This showed that a bus was a luxury that people could “live without” if they needed to, and that message was heard.

Unfortunately, we gamers want to think of ourselves as the voice of the consumer, and stage boycotts for things that make us mad. Poor DLC implementation, games we don’t want, games we do want but aren’t getting: these are all potential causes for us to take action. The problem is that we are all mostly slackers, and either give in too quickly or resort to illegal means to get the things we want.

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WhiteLightning2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Let's be honest the L4D2 Boycott was kind of right in the end, the only reason more people didn't want to get behind it was because people thought they would get called "pathetic" or a "whiner"

Valve spilt the community of L4D and it ruined the first game, they said they would support the first game like TF2 before L4D was released and they lied, they then said before L4D2 that they would still support L4D but even then "The Sacrafice" was made for L4D2 aswell. Plus to put the final nail in L4D's coffin they decided to kill Bill off over a unliked/bland character lik Rochelle. I love Valve but they f*cked up over L4D, look how well supported TF2 is, I wish the same would of been done to L4D instead of it getting a sequel.

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything" - Alexander Hamilton

MrSpace2498d ago

"Alexander Hamilton" <checks internet>

Really....I thought it was just a saying off the Old Man in Sucker Punch.

jacksheen00002498d ago

Game Boycotts don't work is because as long as the money is still rolling in they can care less what happens out side of their investments.Which means... IT's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY GUYS!! I know I know..Sad...but that the way it goes. Now I have seen some changes taken lately,especially this year alone; I mean we gamers are getting tougher and tougher the more game publishers milk us out of our money as well as all of the shady business practices well all have to endure. BUt that all going to change simply because we gamers got these game developers in our back pockets this time. And soon enough, well have them begging we gamers for mercy.That being said, I can see with in a couple of years from now the gaming industry will be at are feets.

evrfighter2498d ago

The results of the mw2 boycott has yet to be played out imo.

I believe the mw2 pc boycott while not successful was the beginning of CoD's undoing. By losing support and faith of the pc community DICE was able to establish a foothold in the fps market.

The result is a PC community backed quality driven BF3 vs The greed oriented sales machine that is CoD

I'm hoping them Europeans won't let me down and close the year out with a bang. Follow The Fadeaway Fuhrer, Dirk Nowitzski's example and crush the evil cod empire.

mananimal2497d ago

Total absurdity, in what universe do you live?, No way has the CONSUMER ever had the upper hand on the RICH, the supplier of Goods. The TRUTH, you are SLAVES to the RICH, and soon, gaming will be a FLOATING POINT affair, all under CLOUD TECH and handhelds, MINUS the physical ownership of your purchase, its called DRM. Wake up and Smell the Ashes, G-Man(HALF-LIFE Series)

jacksheen00002497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I know what i said seems far fetched but the reason why I think this would be possible;is through the internet. That being said, In the past this wouldn't have be made possible if it wasn't for the internet simply because voices can be heard from all of the world. Which, in turn, have greatly empower us all to become one entity/body to challenge any industrial group/government with great force. Again, this wouldn't have been made possible years ago; and I can see this new way of communication(internet) is becoming more powerful year after year.
So I like I've stated before, I have a feeling that one day, maybe in our life time; we will have the power to dictate what we want and demand the goods be made to our liking.Proof of this,the internet, have already began this from of behavior but not in its entirety.That said,I see a future where we gamers will soon become one body/voice and challenge any game industry if we feel that their business practices isn't done in Good faith.

tiffac2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I like this article I hope those hacktivist actually reads it and see that there is a problem with the execution of their protest.

mananimal2497d ago

They seem to be working for me, can't speak for anyone else, but i think my bank account is larger due to me BOYCOTTING most of the IP sequels and New IP released this year , I can't speak for others, but i have NOT COMPROMISED "Principal" to play a Video-game. If the game doesn't meet my quality standards, i pass on it, without question, AND i will continue my campaign against the GREEDY DECEITFUL, and CORRUPTING Forces in the Industry.

DeeBee2497d ago

The sad thing is it's hard to tell the effects of boycotting since every time a game under performs you never hear the publishers acknowledging boycotting as the factor involved, they just blame piracy instead.

We hear it constantly, this game or that game sold less copies than anticipated ... it was down to those stinking pirates again. We all know damn well piracy isn't to blame all the time, but we'll never hear it admitted, nor will it change anything.