Insomniac Explains Why Resistance 1 Has no Trophies in New Dual-Pack

Insomniac has explained exactly why they decided not to patch in trophies in Resistance: Fall of Man, and why they still won't have trophies in the new dual-pack.

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Lelouch2497d ago

I still want trophies in it :(, but I guess they do have to work on other stuff

Gray-Fox-Type02497d ago

seriously why would anyone want trophies for a old average outdated game as resistance.

I would rather have MGS4 trophies! rather then worrying about trophies for crap games.

Fans have been asking for MGS4 trophies for ages lool
Forget it now though.

Nitrowolf22497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

"Fans have been asking for MGS4 trophies for ages"
Yeah they have been asking Konami, Not Insomniac. They are completely two different studio, why should MGS4 matter here? It's not like Insomniac games can do anything about that.

dantesparda2497d ago

Companies need to stop being stupid and pay for the couple of days worth of programming that it takes to put the trophies in the games. I've been waiting and wanting trophies in MGS4 for ever now, and honestly i dont expect it to ever happen and am madly dissappointed in Konami for it and look at them in a different light for it

I_find_it_funny2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

With trophies I might even get that dual pack, forgetting about the God-awful packaging in Europe, but without them I don't even consider it.

gaffyh2497d ago

I wonder how many people would pay for a DLC that enables trophies in a game. That would give some devs an incentive to patch older games.

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Electroshocked2497d ago

I would rather have trophies for Assassin's Creed 1, it's not really fair, the XBOX 360 version got achievements for it, so why not give the PS3 version a trophy patch?

newleaf2497d ago

You cannot blame Ubisoft for not including a feature the ps3 did not support.

kneon2497d ago

Companies have little incentive to spend money adding trophies when they will get almost nothing in return. It's not like they will suddenly sell millions of extra copies.

Even with this new dual pack they wouldn't make enough to recover the cost of adding trophies, and they aren't likely to lose too many sales because they didn't add trophies.

It's all about the money, it always is.

paintsville2497d ago

ps3 didn't support trophies until the achievements gimmick with xbox really caught on. Until then ps3 hadn't mimmicked this xbox feature for ps3. Why would the developers want to dump money into a finished product released before ps3 had achievement mimicking trophies that won't net them any additional return????? It boils down to money.

SuperBeast8112497d ago

what about all the games that got a patch? uncharted drakes fortune?warhawk?the list goes on and on tombraider trilogy?prince of persia trilogy?sly collection?and im sure if they were willing sony would foot the bill cause it would be more enticing for people who sold it a long time ago to fet this collection thay are just way to busy with learning to develop for the 360 now that they dont care about us playstation guys anymore oh well killzone is better anyway LOL

otherZinc2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

You guys will fall for anything.

So, what theyre saying is:
We're going to give you the "EXACT" same Resistance 1 game, right? Well, dont charge people $40 dollars for it. Or dont charge at all.

A team member of Insomniac said: "Resistance 1's code base is inactive": WTF is that? Get The F*** Outa Here With That BS!

And people bitch about the Halo CE:Anniversary remake, thats getting Achievements & was made 10 years ago; not even this generation.

Seems that M$ is giving something extra to people; while SONY gives the exact same s***.

Halo:CE is getting:
Story Co-op Online
Graphic upgrade to current gen
Online Multiplayer
Firefight Mode
And more...

I'll bet that cost 343 Industries money. Seems some people care & others dont.

Unicron2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Um, Halo CE is a REMAKE of a title. This is just a bundle for those who have yet to play the games. Please don't be dense.

Silly gameAr2497d ago

I don't think Zinc was thinking straight when he when on his little rant.

cervantes992497d ago

"Seems that M$ is giving something extra to people; while SONY gives the exact same s***. "

Well I guess all of the PS2 remakes with trophies don't count in your view? Get out of here with your little immature rant.

gaffyh2497d ago

Sorry otherZinc, but that is completely different because it is a remake and the company will make money on the purchases of it, so it makes sense to provide new features.

2497d ago
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MARNEY2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

why not give a platinum trophy if you complete all of the in game medals? c'mon, just one trophy...
can't wait for R3...

gaffyh2497d ago

Maybe Sony won't allow something like that, although I was pretty close to getting all the medals in the game, I think I had to get 2 more.

andron6662497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

This was explained long ago when they announced the dual pack and many times before...

TheGamingArt2497d ago

We can dream though :) .. I'd love a reason to go back

GoldPS32497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

If only Sony did trophies from the beginning. Then maybe people wouldn't be complaining so much. You don't need trophies to enjoy a game. Anyway whatever.

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