Are Games Surpassing Real World Visuals? GTA 4 Liberty City Vs. New York City

GB: "The ENB mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 is surely creating some hype in the games industry. Some have claimed that this is what the next generation of video games will look like and some are already claiming that this is proof that video games are already surpassing real world visuals.

Is that really the case? Please check the gallery below where we have compared real life visuals from New York City the one inspired by it in Grand Theft Auto IV. Please do note the images are not aimed to achieve pixel to pixel comparison, but rather, they are used for representation purpose."

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fatstarr2552d ago

actually its getting there,
think about it games will surpass real life visuals and start to look like movies in the next 5-10 years.

you cant beat visuals now but you can make it look way better than it already does.

take a crystal room in real life
and one in a game being pushed with the best graphics

they look identical but you can make the video game one look better by altering the lights to positions that it would never hit in real life.

theonlylolking2551d ago

Plz go outside more often or stop staring at a screen because obviously you dont know what real life looks like.

villevalorox2551d ago

It's impossible to pass real world detail. It will never ever be done... Never

Gray-Fox-Type02552d ago

dumbest thing ever. Games are not supposed to look like real life..we play video games to escape real life to go into gaming worlds. Even though graphics are awesome these days GTA 4 MOD is AMAZING.

There are real life games just play them games that have recorded movies and require certain buttons to order so the next recorded movie plays. Them games are really

SilentNegotiator2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

"Are Games Surpassing Real World Visuals?"
Are the people at GamingBolt injecting drugs straight into their brains?

You could bring some better aesthetics (HIGHLY subjective, though), but 'surpassing real world visuals'? Are you HIGH? What are you basing THAT off of? Some 4th dimensional world?

This makes 360 Magazine's articles ("Insomniac proves exclusives are dead" lol) look sane.

thesummerofgeorge2551d ago

Exactly. It makes no sense whatsoever. How exactly can something be more realistic than reality itself?

TruthSeeker2551d ago

No, but the first picture looked the most convincing

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rabidpancakeburglar2552d ago

That is one of the stupidest titles I've ever seen.

Dlacy13g2551d ago

I fully agree! Was gonna say the same thing but instead I will pile on here.

GamingBolt... oh GamingBolt. Is the news that slow?

life doomer2552d ago

how can you surpass real world visuals?

shadowfox62551d ago

oh reality is now outdated, need a new engine

Pro_TactX2551d ago

If you have ever looked at the pictures in a McDonald's drive through you have seen examples of graphics surpassing real world visuals. Those burgers don't look that good in real life.

omi25p2552d ago

Are video games looking more realistic than real life? WTF

xtreampro_REVENGE!2552d ago

We can't even scratch Avatar yet you're talking about real-life?

lol, lol and lol

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