The Angry Dome: Falling Out With Capcom

GP blogger, Number 905 writes, "To say that there has been a lot of ill will toward Capcom lately is a huge understatement. There are a lot of fans, myself included, who have suddenly had to face a company that no longer resembles the talented developer of the past. A mighty company, once capable of even making licensed cartoon games not only good, but downright amazing, is suddenly managing to start more PR disasters and garner more hatred than even EA or Activision."

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specialguest2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Capcom has gotten really bad with these issues this gen. Three SF4 editions in a span of 2 years, and MVC3 and UMVC3 in the same year?!? Also pricey DLC(new skins) that was already in the same game disc? Ridiculous.

josephayal2497d ago

Take my Money Capcom! i love street fighter!