Amazon Has Fathers Day PSP Special With 2 Games $160

The new father's day PSP package is an absolute steal.
The package includes a PSP, 2 GB memory Stick, battery, charger, MLB 11 and Gran Turismo all for $160.

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SuperSaiyan42466d ago

Get a REAL gift and get a PS Vita ;-) obviously once it's out lol.

Solid_Snake-2465d ago

a real GIFT would be a 3DS.

Ddouble2465d ago

I like how the description lists the battery and charger like extra accessories.

Still a good deal though.

Close_Second2465d ago

Maybe 3 years ago. Honestly, they should be bundling in redemption offers for the vita as well cause the psp is damn near finished in terms of software support. No, I dont count minis as support.

DlocDaBudSmoka2465d ago

isnt this pretty old? i mean fathers day was like june 18th or something.