I'm Afraid I Can't Let You Touch That, Gamer

GP blogger, Molotov Cupcake writes, "You could be investigating the ruins of an enormous explosion, an abandoned laboratory, or even a sewer teeming with baddies. There in the distance you see a beacon in the darkness. After wandering around for several screens, a random stroke of luck has appeared to alleviate a little of the frustration that’s no doubt beginning to build. It’s shiny, glistening, and identifiable in some way as a key item that’s going to be integral to your quest. Yet, when you approach it and attempt to add it to your inventory, for one reason or another, you just can’t. But it looks like you should be able to. And it certainly seems to fit the circumstances: a missing crank needed to open a certain door, a mystical weapon needed for the downfall of an enemy…those old chestnuts. Still, you just can’t pick it up."

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