Rugby World Cup 2011 First Game Trailer

This first trailer shows all the heavy hitting action fans will experience from the official video game of this years Rugby World Cup.

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Inzo2524d ago

Cant wait, pity our youngsters lost today but thats how gain experience.
World cup = Springbok-allblack final!
Cant wait!

S_C2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

@ Mafiahajeri
Just STFU you sound a right fool, pity you have never played or know any of the rules, to even have a clue what your talking about.

Back to the game, rugby challenge is looking to be the better game but i will still be buying both, i have waited far to long this gen for a rugby and will be buying them both day 1

thekiddfran2524d ago

Pathetic. Why does rugby suck?

Kyur4ThePain2524d ago

Boet, I just don't see the Boks getting anywhere near the final. And as much as I'd like them to, I don't think the AB's will make it either.
My prediction is France and Australia in the final.

Inzo2524d ago

Dont count our boytjies out just yet, most of them will be playing in their last world cup and they will be heavily motivated.

mcstorm2524d ago

Looks good might look at picking this up come on england

solidworm2524d ago

trouble this is Union which is a game played by fat stockbrokers.

retrofly2524d ago

Errr have you seen the recent Rugby union international players? They're all 6ft tall and made of pure muscle. They're like running brick walls.

S_C2524d ago

Id bet you you would'nt say that to them face to face tho,just shows how narrowminded people are who know nothing about the sport. Just type Sonny Bill Williams into google and you will see how wrong you are

mafiahajeri2523d ago

Oh Im sorry did I just swear at your mother? Yes I think rugby is a boring game and its my opnion so you STFU! and stop forcing your opnion on people.

S_C2523d ago

Thats exactly my point you have no idea of any of the rules that are envolved in the game therefore you find it boring and have no meaning in your comment because of that, i find football boring (and yes i do know the rules) but you dont see me posting in fifa or PES articles saying stupid pointless comments like football sucks and sounding like a right tit