David Jaffe And The Fountain Of B*!#%@^t

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"Just so everyone is up to speed, the fountain of bullshit is Jaffe’s mouth. I don’t know if Jaffe is just upset over the fact that Twisted Metal 3 failed to impress at E3 on the same level as Battlefield 3? Or maybe it’s that Battlefield 3′s hype wagon has been rolling downhill at break neck speed? Either way the man has got a bug up his ass about gamers proclaiming BF3 as E3′s game of show based solely on what he calls “amazing visuals”. Jaffe took to his twitter account to tongue lash gamers and press alike over the highly anticipated shooter. "

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gamingdroid2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

So is the gaming press, so they can of deserve each other!

That said, my biggest issue with Jaffe isn't that he is opinionated, it is that he attacks. As professional in the industry, I expect more.

NewMonday2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

getting both TM and BF3 :)

Jaffe was talking about the immature gaming media and their reaction to B3, not criticizing the game itself.

but haters like to spin, CliffyB haters do it to.

CliffyB and Jaffe are HC gaming advocates that get hated just because their business commitment to rival consoles.

let go guys

gamingdroid2524d ago

I was actually refer to this sort of comment from Jaffe:

"a) you are doing too many things at the same time to actually read what I write beyond the headlines or b) your reading comprehension skills are not where they should be."

That's uncalled for, because somebody disagrees with you. Jaffe's comments are often logical and thoughtful even if I disagree, but why be such an @ss.

There's more if you search the net about Jaffe's past comments. Always the same, you disagree, well I will attack you.

That said, I do agree BF3 is getting too much unwarranted hype so far, but that is MY OPINION and I ain't attacking!

Unicron2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

He actually made a good point I felt, he just sucks at presenting it because he's too passionate. And anyone that can read would realize this has nothing to do with BF3 or Twisted Metal, but how lavish praise is heaped upon titles for visuals only, coupled with marketing/hype/brand recognition being treated as more important than the actual content. Calling something GOTY without even playing it, even with a studio's pedigree, is just silly for media outlets to do, and it really does need to stop.

Of course, we all get excited over the next big thing. But I find it funny that many of us constantly point out how innovation and gameplay/content/length are lacking this gen... then quickly forget that to oooh and aahh over the next bit of visual tech.

@below - this has nothing to do with CliffyB. Stop being so insecure.

thelogicking2524d ago

yeah cuz if it was cliffyB who said that he will be flamed to oblivion!

MrBeatdown2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Tell me something. Did you do a thorough analysis of Unicron's comment history to come to the conclusion that he's a hypocrite, or are you just pulling this out of your ass because you can't come up with anything substantial to use to argue against him?

theunleashed642524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )


i agree, at the end of the day it's an opinion yet some freaked out over it. i found it pretty ignorant that some users said in the other article about how he's expressing anger at the BF3 hype because of twisted metal's low hype. i guess battlefield 3 would have more hype because of the series constant release's whether as twisted metal hasn't been on the console scene since twisted metal black.

Xi2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

yeah, the problem is that jaffe has done nothing to help push the creative envelope except bitch at gaming journalism. Case and point, his calling all cars which he claimed was "creative" take on the twisted metal formula but was really just a rip off of cel damage.

When reviews said the game lacked anything special he blew up. Just like he blows up about everything.

He's a joke, and does nothing but sulley the name of gaming press in order to create hype for his games. He's like dyack. I don't think he makes a good point, I don't think he has a valid opinion. People are impressed by BF3 because it's different then COD, is that not what gamers want? Just because it has great visuals and is actually pushing pc hardware people like jaffe ignore all the innovative gameplay they're trying to create in the fps genre, like it's destructability.

Unicron2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Is destruction really innovative any longer though?

Edit - whoops misread ya!

Xi2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Whether or not it's innovative is beyond the point, it's the fact that he's undermining everything else about the game to focus on the visuals and the media/general publics, opinion of it.

The game is more then just visuals, and what he's doing is just as hypocritical as the gaming press which he's lambasting.

Unicron2524d ago

I hear ya. I think his point would be better served if he

1) didn't rant
2) didn't focus on BF3, since I don't think in the end his point is even about BF3

To me it seems more like a typical "media going overboard on the hype" deal. But you're right, it's easy to end up being hypocritical in this kind of case.

Still, I wish more people would start calling out the media on this kind of stuff personally.

BeOneWithTheGun2524d ago

On the flip side, though, I know for a FACT that Skyrim will be my GOTY.

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Freddy_Millz12524d ago

Jaffe,I respect your opinion but truthfully...You need to shut your ass up and take care of your own business. Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game this year and im pretty sure its gonna be well worth the wait. The thing is...its not out yet and your talking tall S---- non stop and its getting old. The way ur clowning, there better be absolutely NOTHING wrong with your game sir.

I await your results.

cstyle2524d ago

That's what happens when you limit yourself to develop for one console. I like Jaffe but sometimes he can be ridiculous.

kramun2524d ago

David Jaffe is annoying, I've watched a few vids of his and I just get the impression that he loves to whine and moan about everything. Take away the name and job and he's just your basic Youtube guy. He's just the same as all those other annoying prats you see on Youtube giving us their overinflated opinion on such and such.

Shut up and make your games.

I'm off now, gotta make a vid for Youtube on what I hate about my industry.

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