Turok Hands-on: Rambo Hunting Dinosaurs

GameSpy writes:
"Turok is half about using your knife and bow to kill people, half about using dinosaurs and people to kill each other. It's a bloody, joyous sandbox with, from our recent hands-on time, no higher goal than to be a kickass game where you kill people with dinosaurs and a knife. We were disappointed with the tutorial segments set in an underground cave network, but beyond that we still had a great time with the most recent build of Turok."

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MK_Red4060d ago

I pray that they put the classic and bloody weapons as a secret or something in the game. Loved that brain sucking weapon.

Danja4060d ago

I pray it turns out to be as great as Turok 2

dachiefsman4060d ago

cerebral bore is what your looking for mk

MK_Red4060d ago

Oh yes, Cerebral bore. God I loved it. Thanks :)

Also, I can't agree with you enough Danja. I seriously loved Turok 2 and hope this one turns out as good.

dachiefsman4060d ago

I hope they didn't dumb down the gore and bloodiness of the game...cause most animations show him stabbing with the knife and no blood...just sparks....i mean wtf

MK_Red4060d ago

Totally and perfectly agreed. Bubbles for you.

The original Turoks had lots of blood and used a rather revolutionary blood system. Devs of new Turok seem to have censored the blood for soldiers and human enemies. Hope it's for display purposes only and the final game is truly gory in all aspects.