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GamerFitNation's Blackbible gets an interview with Glen and Robert from Sledgehammer games on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.

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majdees2341d ago

I can't wait till October 25th to get THAT game ;)

MintBerryCrunch2341d ago

i see what you did there, and i can't help but laugh

good job sir

fredolopez2341d ago

seriously can't wait for MW3, it's gonna be sick. great interview!!!

Simco8762341d ago

I know everyone hates on CoD and all that. But MW2 was pretty fun, so I am excited about seeing the Spec Ops in this game.

Hater or not, some people will enjoy this game. Let them enjoy it and go buy your BF3.

CapsLocke2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Did you ever assume that there are reasons to hate MW3? Yes, I hate it. I hate how the developers haven't done anything to improve graphics nor gameplay, it's basically the same gun-and-run game with flat plot. They saying it's gonna be better then previous over and over again, but it's defiantly not. Look at how shameless this Activision become. And a ton of people didn't realize that and still gonna buy it because it has "Call of Duty" in it's title. What a shame. That's what I hate. And when I buy BF3, I pay for a brilliant, well-think game with realistic graphics and battlefield atmosphere. I pay for QUALITY.

stormskiier2341d ago for quality? I consider CoD games to have amazing quality and the best bang for your buck. CoD games feature explosive campaigns, epic and always expanding co-op that I can play with friends, and the most addictive multiplayer. I like both Battlefield and CoD and I cant wait for October and November


Say what you will about Modern Warfare it's still going to sale big.

majdees2341d ago

Yeah it's going to "sale" big for sure but that's it.

Zephyrus342341d ago

I'll let my buddy buy it, and if i'm convinced that it'll be good, then im gonna game on.