Hello Kitty X Street Fighter Coming In 2012; Capcom Is Not Joking

Gaming Blend "The headline says it all folks. This is not a joke either. Pretty soon a game is bound to follow but for now Capcom and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio have teamed up together for cross-branded merchandising between Street Fighter and Hello Kitty, with the first line of collectibles becoming available for purchase beginning in the fall of 2012."

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mathsman2433d ago

Awesome. Awesome is not an awesome enough word to describe how awesome this is. Awesome.

vortis2433d ago

I'd like to know who disagreed with you?

Come on, speak up...

DeFFeR2433d ago

I didn't - I wouldn't dare.

The Epicness of this is too great.

Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite DLC please?

zerocrossing2433d ago

The disagreeing party obviously doesn't know how bada** Hello Kitty is, lol

vortis2433d ago

It's like you sum up all these mixed emotions of anger, surprise, intrigue and a little bit of reluctance, all jolting to come forth in a bubbling spritzer of outrage and enquiry, combined into the perfect expression.

Very articulate post. Well said.

zerocrossing2433d ago

I can't say im not just a little shocked seeing as you don't normal place Street Fighter fans and Hello Kitty fans in the the same demographic. That said Im looking forward to seeing the end result, It does have the potential for awesomeness!

MidnytRain2433d ago

They should make Hello Kitty a DLC character.

zerocrossing2433d ago

I agree, But why do that when they can get more money out of reusing an old fight system and adding another popular franchise to the mix :/ Capcom should just start printing they're own money

Cablephish2433d ago

I'm gonna get this, but I'm gonna get the Super or Ultimate version (which ever comes last).

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The story is too old to be commented.